Mo' Money, Mo' Problems in EU4's Dharma expansion

By Joe Robinson 08 Aug 2018 0

We haven't covered EUIV's new upcoming expansion much since it was announced at PDXCON last year. Being a major expansion it's going to have a lot more focus and sweeping changes than the minor updates, and one of the more interesting changes coming is how centres of trade work.

There's plenty of other EU4 DLC to check out while you wait for Dharma.

We're a little bit late with this as these changes were brought up in the July 31st Dev Diary, but they're still worth going over quickly. Essentially, Centres of Trade are being given more depth, even though they're a simple yet elegant terrain feature as-is. Controlling centres of trade gives you an important boost to trade power in an area, so making sure you own them is desirable. They're a fairly flat feature though – the bonus is fixed, and the spread is deliberate, but not overwhelming to make their presence meaningless.

In Dharma, Centres of Trades are being given more interaction; there will be three tiers, and there's going to be a lot more of them. This change effects both inland and coastal centres, and here's the stats breakdown:

  • Staple Port:
    • + 5 trade power,
  • Entrepot:
    • +10 trade power, -5% dev cost, +10% institution spread
  • World Port:
    • +25 trade power, +0.25 Naval Tradition, +30% institution spread
    • For whole Area: -10% dev cost, +100% Sailors, +1 Building Slot
  • Emporium:
    • +5 Trade Power
  • Market Town:
    • +10 Trade Power, -5% dev cost
  • World Trade Centre:
    • +25 trade power, +30% institution spread
    • For Whole Area: -10% Dev Cost, +33% Manpower, +1 Building Slot

Essentially, Tier 1 is meant to represent a minor, but not insignificant boost to trade. Tier 2 is comparable to how Centres of Trade currently work, and Tier 3 is meant to represent a major economic centre and massively boost your trade performance. The number of Tier 3 centres you can have is capped to the number of merchants you have, and you can promote/demote centres by paying certain costs, allowing for a very strategic placement of trade centres.

EUIV TRade 1

The only thing you have to be aware of is that if the ownership of a province changes, through conquest or even diplomatic means, the level of the centre of trade will decrease by 1.

This feature is mainly a paid feature, although the three-tiered centres of trade will be available for free. Players without the expansion won't be able to change a CoT's level, and it won't change via province ownership shifts.

Europa Universalis IV: Dharma is due out later this year, and will be price £15.49 / $19.99.



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