Get Europa Universalis IV and all DLCs super cheap via Humble

By Joe Robinson 22 Jan 2020 0

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A Plane? No! It’s another Humble Bundle, and this time it’s dedicated wholly to grand strategy sensation Europa Universalis IV. It’s running from now until February 4th, and features the base game and (nearly) every major content expansion released to date.

We’re going to break down the tiers as we usually do, but this is a bit of a tricky one - it’s not like a conventional sale where you can just top up your DLC collection based on what you don’t have - specific DLCs are locked to specific tiers, and if you may end up with some wastage depending on what you need. That said, the overall price for all of this is still pretty redic (you can get up to $266 USD’s worth of stuff for $17), so it’s not the end of the world.

Eu4 rule britannia dlc

Don’t forget to check out our EU4 DLC Guide so you can see what each expansion brings to the table.

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Tier 1 - $1/£0.76

The tiers appear to be in a loose chronological order, so the first tier has the base game, plus three of the initial major expansions - Res Publica, Wealth of Nations and Art of War. The latter is actually listed as our most essential expansion recommendation, so it’s definitely worth getting if you don’t have it already. Wealth of Nations is also a must-buy for trade focused expansions.

The other three items in this tier are minor/flavour packs. The Pre-Order Pack and the Digital Extreme Upgrade pack add everything from unit models, to music tracks and events. The ‘American Dream’ pack isn’t technically available for sale via Steam, although you can buy it via the Paradox Store.

Tier 2 - Pay Above Average (Currently $9.70/£7.42)

This tier covers all of the big expansions released during 2015 & 2016. These DLCs were a fairly mixed bag, but then again Common Sense, Rights of Man and The Cossacks are part of our Top 5 ‘Essential' buys, although mainly for very specific mechanical reasons. Some of those aren't as important as they used to be because mechanics have been enabled in other DLCs.

Tier 3 - Pay $17 / £13

The final tier deals with all of the more recent DLC from 2017 to the most recent pack, Golden Century, which was released at the very end of 2018. Mandate of Heaven especially was a pretty good pack, and Cradle of Civilization and Rule Britannia did very good jobs at fleshing out their specific regions.

Unless you’re missing only one or two DLCs, this is a great price for a game that can give you many hundreds of hours of entertainment. It’s worth noting that for some reason the very first expansion, Conquest of Paradise, is missing from the bundle.

We’ve asked Paradox for further clarification on that point but the rest of the bundle is unbelievably solid.

Australia Fire Relief Bundle

While you’re here, we’d also just like to highlight that there’s just over 30 hours left to go on this other bundle that’s trying to raise money for the Fire relief efforts in Australia.

We don’t really know anything about the games featured, but there are 29 of them and the whole bundle is selling for $25 USD in a single tier. If you want to help donate some money to help with things out there, please do consider purchasing this bundle as well and adjust the sliders accordingly.



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