Europa Universalis 4 ‘Emperor’ Expansion Announced

By Joe Robinson 03 Mar 2020 0

Fun fact: Europa Universalis 4 didn’t receive a single expansion of note in 2019. The most recent pack, Golden Century, released in 2018, and there wasn’t anything announced for the historical grand strategy game at PDXCON. That said, Paradox forum dwellers will have known that a new Europe-focused expansion was coming for a while. We're just surprised it took this long.

That expansion is Emperor, announced today:

This is a full-blown update rather than a smaller ‘Immersion Pack’ and does indeed bring the focus back to Europe. The Holy Roman Empire is getting an overhaul, as is Catholicism in general and how revolutions work. There will also be over 20 new mission trees for various European nations.

As always the new expansion will be accompanied by a new free update, which will include a lot of quality of life and basic features, as well as redrawing the map somewhat. Some of the features coming can be seen in today’s EU4 dev diary.

It’s good to see EU4 getting new content, although we wonder if this won’t be the last. CK3 is coming after all, so we could be on the cusp of a new generation of PDS titles.



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