Exciting Announcement: Strategy Gamer is now part of Network N

By Admin 12 Feb 2018 0

Big things have been happening of late here at Wargamer Ltd. HQ. You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks that our output has temporarily changed and/or been reduced slightly. Apologies for this but, as the headline suggests, this was mainly down to a very significant - and exciting - development regarding the future of the company and the website.

The good news is that everything has gone through smoothly, and we can now share with you all where we’re at.

Let’s run this down

Strategy Gamer and our two sister websites, The Wargamer and Pocket Tactics, have now been bought by Network N. You may know them as the company behind PCGamesN, the world’s second biggest PC gaming website that’s fixated with a specific letter for reasons that probably made sense once but we think have long been forgotten...

This means that our affiliation with Slitherine Software UK, and other members of the Slitherine Group, is now finished. I know, I know - I have to completely rewrite the About Us page. It’s going to be a total drag.

Why us?

Network N like us not only for our charm and cutting wit, they’re also excited by the prospect of the dedicated audiences we cater for. There aren’t many editorially-driven websites that go in-depth on Strategy games in the way we do, and there’s a great community here who, together, we can serve even better.

Similarly, there’s probably quite a few people who read PCGN who don’t know that we, and maybe even the games we cover, exist. Now we can spread the good word and teach them that PUBG is just a phase that they need to get over. Europa Universalis IV, anyone?

Things will change… but only for the better

The bigwigs at Network N (although they don’t actually wear big wigs, which is a shame) have got a great operation going, and they’re very willing and able to throw their full weight behind us. We’re not planning on overhauling everything, but we will evaluate and make changes that better serve our long-term goals and play to our strengths.

So you’ll see more of the content that’s working, and more of the stuff that you’ve told us you love. By and large the usual voices will return, and new ones will join along the way.

We’ll also be looking at doing more things that were on our wish list but we lacked the bandwidth to do properly. I can finally set up that trebuchet, for one. Over the long term, we’ll also be investing and tinkering more with various aspects of the site as well. Seriously, these are very exciting times.

What you need to do


Well, keeping coming back to the sites would be nice, but Network N doesn’t require anything from you and neither do we. It’s been a privilege serving you guys for the past 18 months, and I’m really looking forward to continue doing that under the guidance of the Network N chaps.

If you have any questions, you know where my email is. Drop me a line or comment below and I’ll answer what I can.

Fun Fact: 'Wargamer Ltd.' Doesn’t actually exist anymore. All three websites it ran were sold separately, and Slitherine decided to shut the division down. I’m slightly bummed because I can’t claim I was running my own company any more. RIP.



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