Field of Glory: Empires is a new grand-strategy game with a Total War-like twist

By Joe Robinson 20 Nov 2018 1

Last night Slitherine Software, who create everything from hardcore wargames to more mainstream strategy experiences like Empires Apart and Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, announced a new title they are working on in the grand-strategy space.

Field of Glory: Empires is a turn-based/WEGO strategy game that focuses on the ancient world, much like Paradox’s recently announced Imperator: Rome game. They even cover similar time-periods, although the details of each game differ based on respective design philosophies.


It’s being developed by AGEOD, a developer that’s previously made more ‘war game’ type strategy experiences. Empires looks like it’s dialling down on the war focus a bit to offer a broader grand-strategy experience, although fighting and battles will play an important part of the DNA.

One key example of this is the ability to export battle data from Empires directly into their turn-based tactical wargame, Field of Glory 2. You can then fight out the battle in full and import the results back into Empires to decide the result of the engagement. Battles in Empires are otherwise hands-off (bar certain pre-battle decisions and choices you can make). It’s not an integrated set-up like Total War, but then there are plenty of people who just like tactical battles, or who just like the strategy layer so this may still end up appealing to their main market.


Here’s some more information from the game’s product page:

Expand your dominion through wars of conquest and make your culture a beacon of light but be careful though. The risk of Decadence is not trivial. Many civilizations have collapsed for not having seen in time the signs of impending crisis. The older your empire, the more challenges will lurk in the shadows. Just expanding your borders without carefully shaping your form of government and culture won’t be the wisest of strategies.

Manage your Empire on a scale that fits you: adjust all the details of an important region, form provinces to oversee your growing realm.

Construct buildings to enhance your army, the life of your citizens, and the economy. Establish and grow a trade network of goods and resources.

The battle system is not just about who brings the larger force. Army composition and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of you and your enemy are decisive, so is choosing wisely the battlefield and the general to lead your troops.

And, if you want even more direct control, Field of Glory: Empires lets you export and load your battles in Field of Glory II!

War is decided not just by battles though, but also clever manoeuvres. Simultaneous (WEGO) turn resolution means thinking ahead to intercept – or to escape! – enemy armies will be essential. Field of Glory: Empires offers a living world where every decision has an impact on every actor.

So far Slitherine have committed trying to provide support for 16 players in multiplayer, using the company’s own PBEM++ system that doesn’t require players to be online all at the same time.

Field of Glory: Empires is due to release sometime in 2019.



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