Strategy RPG For the King is free on Epic Games Store this week

By Sean Martin 25 Apr 2020 0

Epic Games Store have released this week's free game, For the King, a strategy RPG. Mixing aspects of roguelike, and turn-based combat, For the King sees you take command of a party of adventurers in the land of Fahrul. But unfortunately things look bleak in the kingdom as the king has just been murdered by a mysterious assailant.

But it's the perfect time to be an adventurer, as the queen calls all citizens to help defeat the rising tide of chaos. Your band of hopefuls will explore procedurally-generated levels, and take part in quests and events. The game also features both singleplayer, or local and online multiplayer, meaning you can set out on your lonesome, or band together with friends. 

For you D&D fans, For the King also features a dice roll inspired turn-based combat system, using slots for special abilities and attacks.

You'll battle through dungeons, on ships, and just about anywhere that battling is possible, facing off against monsters of every stripe with your haphazardly assembled party of wide-eyed adventurers.

So if you want to change up your usual D&D session, or just form a posse with your friends to fight some fantasy monsters, be sure to pick up For the King.

The game is free on the Epic Games Store until the 30th.



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