Frostpunk’s Season Pass Content kicks off with ‘The Rifts’ Expansion - out now

By Joe Robinson 27 Aug 2019 0

It’s weird how I was just at GamesCom looking at how Frostpunk was handling the transition to consoles, and now we’ve heard today that new content is coming to the PC game via new DLCs and/or a Season Pass - they kept that one quiet, for sure! Also - who does Season passes anymore?

The Rifts, which launches today, is leading the charge of the DLC Pass by introducing a new map for the Endless Mode where your city needs to spread out across little ‘islands’ of rock shelf, requiring you to build bridges so that your population can get to where they’re needed. This map comes with new gameplay mechanics and environmental hazards, and is priced at a reasonable $4.99.

If you drop $24,49, however,you get access to the full Season’s worth of content, which at the moment includes two additional DLCS that will drop over the next year:

  • The Last Autumn ($16.99) adds in a brand-new prequel campaign set during the last days in the ‘old world’ before the snows forced everyone to migrate north. It comes with new mechanics and architecture. It’s due in Q4 2019.
  • Project TVADGYCGJR is… something? Other than the fact that it costs $12.99, there’s nothing really known about it. Maybe we’ll know more next year when it’s slated to launch.

Along with today’s new DLC drop, all Frostpunk players also receive a free update. Three new Endless Mode maps are now available — Frozen Grove, Snowdrifts and Hanging Rock — and are based on The Arks, Refugees, and Fall of Winterhome scenario maps.



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