Frostpunk’s free Fall of Winterhome DLC is out today

By Ian Boudreau 19 Sep 2018 0

There’s a brand new DLC pack out for frigid city-builder/survival simulator Frostpunk today, and it’s completely free for everyone who owns the game. It’s called The Fall of Winterhome, and it tells the tale of a failed expedition that headed out into the frozen wastes before the events of the base game.

The Fall of Winterhome adds a whole new map to play on, which is a welcome change if you’ve sunk several hours into the original game’s layout. That includes some new steampunky visuals, plus new lore and brand-new buildings and game mechanics to test out as well. Here’s a trailer:

The Fall of Winterhome was originally dubbed ‘The Builders Update’ on the Frostpunk roadmap, but developers 11 Bit Studios say that was a code-word to avoid spoiling anything. Winterhome, of course, is the name of a settlement you can discover in the vanilla campaign, and finding out what happened there - and guiding it as it slips toward its inevitable doom - is how you’ll be spending your time with the new DLC.

I wasn’t assigned the Frostpunk review, but I agree wholeheartedly with what Charles Ellis wrote in his: “If the perfect game is a series of choices where every choice has meaning, then Frostpunk is it.” He gave it five stars, so if you haven’t yet, this is probably a good time to check it out.



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