Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue expansion released [updated]

By Joe Robinson 12 Apr 2018 0

Stardock’s sci-fi 4X epic Galactic Civilizations III will be three years old this coming May, but it’s still being supported by plenty of DLC. The latest add-on – Intrigue – is the game’s third major expansion, and 13th piece of DLC overall.

Intrigue expands the game in several key ways, which reflect how the space 4X market has evolved since GalCiv 3 first launched:

  • There are now 20 government style that you can choose from each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Special ‘Crises’ events will emerge, which will essentially be a series of choices that you’ll need to make to navigate your way through difficult situations. How you decide to handle each situation will affect what events, options, opportunities, and rewards become available to you.
  • You can create ‘Commonwealths’ by allowing your outermost colonies to become semi-independent AI allies.
  • A new Galactic Market and Galactic Bazaar have been added to the game to enhance the galactic economy aspect, as well as provide avenues for players to get resources they need – but at a price.

The game has now also been updated to Version 3.0, which brings support for Intrigue's new features while providing a "richer experience" for the base game. A new tutorial and a re-worked user experience makes the game more accessible for new players. You can read the full change-log here, but highlights include:

  • Taxes - Players can now set their tax rate on the govern screen. Increasing it will decrease the morale of a civilization, but will provide more income for things like war or infrastructure.
  • Tourism - Planets and starbases generate influence that will grow over time and capture a percentage of travelers that pass through the player's area of control.
  • Farming - All planets will come with arable tiles where farms can be built in order to generate food. Food will help to grow the population, which in turn will increase production.
  • Extreme Worlds - The frequency with which the player will encounter extreme worlds has been substantially increased. Certain species can now colonize particular worlds without tech - for example, carbon-based lifeforms can settle on a corrosive planet, but Synthetic life cannot.

We’re going to be looking at the new expansion in-depth, as well as Galactic Civilizations III in general over the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you happen to pick up the new DLC today anyway, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue is available now via Steam for £15.49 | $19.99.



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