Gears Tactics review roundup - how did it score?

By Sean Martin 01 May 2020 0

The strategy spin-off to the Gears series, Gears Tactics, released earlier this week. In a similar way to how Halo Wars explores the strategy genre in a way the main Halo games can't, so too does Gears Tactics for the Gears of War games. The only difference is that instead of RTS, Gear Tactics is a take on the turn-based strategy of tactics games like XCOM, as you and your squad face off against a variety of monstrous threats.

But now the reviews are in, and things have settled, what did the critics make of it?

In general, Gears Tactics has garnered a lot of praise, with a metacritic average of 81, based upon 65 positive reviews. While there are some mixed, there isn't a single negative critic review on there. In particular, the game was praised for having strong core combat, with particular reference to finishers and character abilities. 

Praise was also given in terms of the game capturing the quintessential Gears of War atmosphere that is so particular to the series. But the most common complaint in regards to the game, seems to relate to a lack of variety in mission design. As Richard Scott-Jones says about the combat for PCGamesN: "If only it did a little more with it, Gears Tactics would be one of the greats". 

But don't take our word for it! The full reviews are as follows:

All in all, Gears Tactics has reviewed pretty well. If a squad-tactics version of Gears sounds like your idea of a good time, you can find Gears Tactics on Steam now.



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