Gloomhaven has a reworked campaign, a new tutorial, and 90 new missions

By Ian Boudreau 29 Jun 2020 0

Gloomhaven's PC incarnation has been trucking along in Steam's early access program for almost a year now, and it just got a massive update that reworks some of the basic mechanics of the game and brings it closer to parity with the gigantic physical boxed version of the game on which it's based. The Guildmaster update has reworked Gloomhaven's campaign map and allows players to manage a changing roster of mercenaries.

Guildmaster mode replaces Gloomhaven's Adventure mode, and the idea is that it will allow the developers to add more content, like playable characters and monsters, while getting feedback from the player community. This will work as a sort of staging area and testing ground as Flaming Fowl Studios prepares the official Campaign mode, which will more or less match up with what you'd find in a freshly opened Gloomhaven box.

For now, there's already more to play with. As a Guildmaster, you're able to switch out active heroes from an ever-expanding roster of mercenaries. That's a significant shift on its own, and it's a handy one, since there are some 90 new encounters to take on across the revamped campaign map.

There's also a new cave biome, which has five new local enemy types that include cave bears, drakes, stone golems, and giant vipers, all with their own sets of cards and abilities. The update also reworks the tutorial, making it a bit easier to get a handle on Gloomhaven's rules.

The team is also working on adding multiplayer, and co-op is heading into closed beta. You can find out how to sign up by heading over to the Gloomhaven Discord server and saying hello. You may also be interested in checking out our Gloomhaven strategy guide, which has some very handy tips for getting started with this surprisingly complex tactics game.



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