Humankind devs launch new video series to drip-feed us information like a drug dealer

By Joe Robinson 06 Feb 2020 0

Humankind is definitely one of the more exciting strategy projects of 2020 (assuming it’s coming this year), and we now get to follow the game’s journey in agonising detail with Amplitude’s new series of video diaries, starting today and releasing at a pace of around two a month.

The first video, titled ‘Origins’, talks a bit behind how the project came to be and features some alpha footage. Nothing we haven’t seen or heard before, but it could be interesting as things progress further. The next video is already planned to talk about the terrain in the game and how it relates to the tactical combat layer, which takes its lead from Endless Legend.

We hope that as the game gets more developed,we’ll be shown more footage, but I can also see a scenario playing out where we just get tiny morsels about twice a month, and by the end of the process we’ll be utterly exhausted yet completely hooked. We're all going to have to do our best to contain our enthusiasm.

Also, we’d like to take a moment to just congratulate Mr. Dyce on his very expressive hand gestures.

Humankind is, at the time of writing, scheduled to release on PC sometime in 2020.



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