You have 27 hours to jump on the best Crusaders Kings 2 deal of the (Iron) Century

By Joe Robinson 12 Aug 2019 0

The ridiculous Crusader Kings 2 deal mentioned below is still running, and you've got just over a day to jump on board. While it's perfectly possible the game will be this cheap (or close enough) again sometime in the future, this is certainly the best deal we've seen to date and represents excellent value for money.

Original Story: It’s been a while since we’ve been able to break down a Humble Bundle, and what a bundle to come back to! Crusader Kings 2 is the poster child for grand strategy games, putting both the genre and Paradox Interactive on the map after it launched in 2012.

Instead of abstract nations or geo-political entities, you command a medieval family, and must lead your dynasty through the trials and tribulations of the medieval world. Conquer lands, marry people for money, or just have your idiot wife killed so you can marry a horse – it’s all possible in Crusaders Kings 2.

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It may be showing its age these days, but it’s never too late to jump in and try It for yourself, and now thanks to Humble’s new Crusader Kings 2 bundle, it’s never been cheaper! (Probably?)

Pro Tip: The base game is part of the first tier, but everything else you can get is extra DLC that was introduced later. CK2 has a lot of it, and this is an opportunity to pick up a lot on the cheap, but if you want to know more about what you’re buying we suggest you check out our extensive DLC Buying Guide – it tells you everything you need to know about every piece of DLC released to date.

Let’s break down the tiers, SG-style:

Tier 1 – Pay $1 / £0.82 or more

This tier naturally features the base game, and then the first five DLCs that were released between 2012 – 2013. Again, check out our guide for more info but to summarise:

  • Sword of Islam unlocked characters of the Muslim faith, allowing you to play them.
  • Legacy of Rome added some content for Orthodox Christianity, but more importantly added Retinues (must have).
  • Sunset Invasion was a crazy alt-history DLC that you could probably skip, although it’s so cheap as part of this tier it’s not worth worrying about. Make sure you turn it off though if you don’t want to get invaded by Aztecs.
  • The Republic lets you play as Merchant Republics of any unlocked faith.
  • The Old Gods playable Pagan characters and makes Vikings Great Again – definitely the highlight of this tier.

Normally we’d make a value judgement here but it’s the base game and give DLCs for $1. Unless you’re not interested in paying CK2 at all (if so, why are you here?) then there’s nothing to quibble about. You could easily stop here and still have a great time with the game.

CK2 Roman Empire

Tier 2 – Pay above the average (Currently $11.21 / £9.21)

This tier is more of a mixed bag, and ultimately, its value depends on how badly you want the DLC in Tier 3, as there’s a lot here you could skip (so you’d be paying an extra $10 for fewer ‘essential’ DLCs in this tier):

  • Sons of Abraham adds new content for the three Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism & Islam) and more content for Christian Europe.
  • Rajas of India adds the Indian Sub-Continent, and features to flesh that out but to be honest this has always felt like a weird addition and unless you’re super interested in the subject this is a skippable DLC.
  • Charlemagne adds a new start date, which will fun for a bit can quickly get a bit tiring. You’ll also find that the game doesn’t really scale well to playing a campaign that lasts so long.
  • Way of Life is a modest, but potent DLC that enhances the role-play and character aspects of the game, and is definitely the highlight of this tier.
  • Horse Lords allows you to play as Nomadic hordes, which are fun but are also a perfect example of what CK2 was and wasn’t designed to handle. They’re a bit of a clunky addition.

The first two DLCS in this tier are definitely skippable, with Horse Lords being dependant on whether playing a nomadic culture appeals to you or not. The other two are solid though, but this tier doesn’t stand out as much compared to Tier 1 or the value of going all the way to Tier 3.

CK2 Guide Head

Tier 3 – Pay $15 /£12.33 or more

If you’re considering going up to Tier 2, you might as well go all the way to Tier 3 as the newer DLCs represent a better proposition, plus it makes your main DLC collection complete for CK2. The most recent expansion, Holy Fury, is included here so just getting that for $15, let alone EVERY bit of expansion content, is a great deal:

  • Conclave gives a lot more internal friction, with the Council playing a much larger role. It was a bit controversial when it first released but it’s gotten better as they’ve improved the new features.
  • The Reaper’s Due essentially introduces a Black Death like event and re-working how diseases play out in the game.
  • Monks and Mystics is a bit of a wackier DLC that adds new cults and societies characters can join. Not totally skippable, but hardly essential either.
  • Jade Dragon makes the eastern edges of the map more interesting with the introduction of an ‘off-map’ Chinese empire. YMMV depending on where you are located, but it’s a very smart design, none-the-less.
  • Holy Fury adds new world generation options that breath a breath of fresh-air into the game, as well as other new dynasty mechanics. Not as impactful as the free patch that accompanied it was, but still worth it at this price.

As you can see, these DLCs released since 2016 have had a more meaningful impact on the game and as a complete package, every expansion only serves to enrich what was already a fairly creative take on historical strategy.

This bundle represents some excellent value for money, although if you don’t want to go ‘all-in’ we’d be confident in saying you don’t need to progress beyond Tier 1 if you want to save yourself some money. The other DLCs will be on sale at one point or another so you can pick and choose what else you want, but those first five along with the base game make for a very robust experience. If you’re happy to spend a bit more, definitely go for Tier 3 as it represents the best value for what you’re getting.

At the time of writing, over 16,000 bundles have already been sold and there's still thirteen days left on the lock. As always, the big draw for these bundles is that you also get to support charity.

Let us know if you pick anything up in Humble’s Crusader Kings 2 Bundle, and enjoy!



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