Black Friday 2019 Special: Humble Fall Sale

By Joe Robinson 29 Nov 2019 0

Steam’s not the only one having a fall sale: in case you didn’t spot it before Humble is also running a Fall sales event to coincide with Black Friday and Thanksgiving. It’s running until 10am Pacific Time on December 3rd, so you’ve still got the weekend to have a browse.

Remember, Strategy Gamer is a Humble Affiliate, so we’ll get a bit of money if you buy through our link. We’ve done a lot of comparing and by and large Steam and Humble are offering the same discounts (and Humble offers steam keys anyway) so if you're particular about where you spend your money, you're unlikely to lose out.

Here are some discounts and deals that caught our eye:

Civilization 6: Gathering Storm - 40% off

Probably the best price for this expansion you’ll see for a while, if you’ve been waiting for a price drop on Civ 6’s latest expansion. Again on it's own it's not that significant, but combined with Rise & Fall these two add-ons elevate the base game to a point where you can genuinely consider it a better game than its predecessor. 

Age of Empires III Collection - 75% Off

Everyone’s talking about Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV right now, but I’ll always have a soft-spot for Age of Empires III. The campaign wasn’t the greatest, but the shift to the colonial and Napoleonic era still made for some entertaining gameplay and the ‘Home Port’ mechanic was actually quite unique and thematic. It’s getting its own remaster sometime in 2020, but if you’ve yet to try this gem it’s available for under $10 and well worth a shout.

Two Point Hospital - 66%

Another discount that puts this game under a tenner - the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital has gotten a lot better since we originally reviewed it, and has had some DLC to boot. If you’ve yet to give it a go, now might be the time.

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault - 75% Off

This gem is available for under $5. Featuring one of the best dynamic campaigns around and an excellent stand-alone experience in general, if you were put off by the initial mixed reception to Company of Heroes 2 then you can definitely try this one out. Essential real-time tactical gaming.

BattleTech Season Pass - 33% off

It’s still pretty pricey at $30, but given that the final piece of DLC in this pass has just been released now might be a good time to jump on the pass if you’ve yet to get any of it. To recap-

  • Flashpoint adds in new multi-part mini campaigns called ‘Flashpoints’, which provide more end-game content.
  • Urban Warfare primarily adds heavily urbanised environments for missions.
  • Heavy Metal adds in a ton of new mechs and weapons to flesh out the meta and lance building options.

Obviously it’s not worth getting this if you’ve been buying piecemeal, but BattleTech is in a really good place now with all its DLC (And all of the free updates its had) so if you were holding off for whatever reason and/or picked up the base game for cheap, then this is a pretty good deal for some excellent DLC.

These are only a few of the multitude of deals available on Humble this weekend. Ubisoft, SEGA and other publishers all have specific sections if you want to browse a more narrow selection and there’s plenty of older games and indie titles available as well.



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