There's still time to pick up some cheap games in the Humble More Board Games Bundle

By Joe Robinson 06 May 2019 0

Recently we told you about some excellent digital adaptations of physical board games available on PC, a few of which have been developed or at least published by Asmodee Digital. Well, if you’ve been eyeing any of them up, we’ve got some good news for you.

Humble are up to their old tricks and have created another Board Games Bundle that we suspect just might be relevant to your interests. It runs out on May 7th, so there's still time to get involved.

Are you a Star Wars fan? There's plenty of time left on the May 4th Humble Star Wars Sale as well!

Here’s what you need to know:

Tier 1 – Pay at least 1$ / £0.77

The stand-out entry in this tier is Cold War political strategy game Twilight Struggle. It’s an excellent two-player struggle that deftly creates an experience where the two superpowers are trying to exert their influence over the world without starting a nuclear war.

There’s a lot of bits to the physical game, so having it in a digitised format run by the AI is a bit of god-send, which allows you to concentrate on the rules, of which there are many. Scoring mechanics and card interactions will present a bit of a learning cliff for you to climb, but the more you play, the more you will learn.

twilight struggle board games bundle

The other games in this Tier are also pretty decent, but it really depends on your taste – Ticket to Ride: First Journey is a spin-off game designed for younger children, while Gloom and Love Letter are card games that, while fun, aren’t necessarily as suited for a digital version. Gloom itself still needs a bit of TLC.

Tier 2 – Pay Above the Average (Currently $8.67 / £6.67)

This Tier is ok, although not the most stand-out selection you’ll ever encounter. Ascension is a deck-building card game in the same vein as Dominion and others of its ilk, although a bonus is that we’re hearing reports that you get all of the game’s DLC when you pick this up. Asmodee’s own version of Carcassonne is a beautiful 3D rendering of a solid tile-placement game, and well worth picking up.

carcassonne board games bundle

The rest is down to you tastes – Pandemic is an iconic board game, but the digital edition doesn’t quite have the same gravitas. I’m not personally a fan of Mysterium, and the digital version can lose something in translation, but at least you get plenty of add-on content to go with the base release.

Tier 3 – Pay at least 12$ / £9.23

This is where the real value lies in this bundle. Scythe took the board game world by storm by combining the raw efficiency of Euro-style engine building, with the allure of tactical skirmish war games. It’s set in an alternate universe called based on the 1920+ IP and features customisable factions and many routes to victory.

It’s another game which has a lot bits and moving parts, which makes it an excellent candidate for digitisation. Asmodee’s digital port of Scythe is pretty good, and it’s gotten better since it released last year, and besides that is visually pretty stunning.

scythe board games bundle

Pathfinder: Adventures is another classic card game that’s been in digital form for a couple of years now – it fuses deck-building & RPG like mechanics to offer a D&D like experience powered by cards.

Overall, this is a pretty decent bundle, especially if you don't already own Twilight Struggle, Scythe and some of the card games. Not everything here is great digital board game, but there are no complete duds and its mainly down to personal taste. With past bundles we've felt going all the way to Tier 3 hasn't always been worth it, but in this case I'd happily recommended dropping the full $12 or more. And don't forget, you get to support charity as you do it! 

The Humble (More) Board Games Bundle will finish on May 7th, 2019 at 7pm BST / 11am Pacific Time. Strategy Gamer is a Humble Affiliate.



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