Get up to 65% off Paradox DLC with Humble's 'Build Your Own' Bundle

By Sean Martin 22 Apr 2020 0

Humble are running a new type of bundle at the moment. The Paradox Strategy DLC 'Build Your Own' Bundle essentially allows you to pick up those bits and pieces of Paradox DLC that you might be missing, without burning a hole in your wallet. There are different levels of discount depending on how much DLC you get yourself - the base discount is 50%, but after three it becomes 60%, after four, 63%, and at five, 65%. 

It might seem like a smaller discount at the top, but the more you buy, the more you save, as the discount applies across everything you've purchased. It's a great idea to let players grab those odd DLC they might have missed when they came out, or as a less daunting way of introducing new players to a game's extra content.

DLC can be a fantastic way of relighting your interest for a game, and there are plenty of old favourites on offer:

Stellaris: With Utopia, Apocalypse, MegaCorp, Utopia, Synthetic Dawn, Distant Stars, Humanoid Species, Leviathans, Plantoids Species, there is an absurd amount of content on offer for the game. Stellaris DLC introduces massive game-changing mechanics which add a tonne of replayability to the original, including MegaCorp's complete revamp of planetary infrastructure, Apocalypse's planet destroying weapons, or new empire building tools in Utopia. These DLC also offers new races, stories, and quests.

Hearts of Iron IV: The DLC for Hearts of Iron focuses around further fleshing out the arenas of conflict that existed in the Second World War. Man the Guns brings more comprehensive naval combat to the game, as well as ship design. Waking the Tiger centres around the pre-WW2 conflict between Japan and China. Death or Dishonor realises the nations that were placed between Germany and the USSR during WW2. There are also a variety of smaller content packs bringing features such as new tanks, or songs, to listen to in-game.

Europa Universalis: This game's DLC back-catalogue is a little too hefty to do justice, but this bundle has all of it, whether unit packs, music packs, or packs bringing game-changing updates and revamps a la Stellaris. You can get your hands on all 32 pieces of Europa Universalis content, and for a pretty decent price at that.

Most of the DLC in Paradox's other games follows a fairly similar pattern. In terms of other DLC you can grab, Crusader Kings 2 and Battletech also have extra content in the sale. So if you feel like picking up some extra content on the cheap, or getting back into some classic strategy games, have a look at the Paradox Strategy DLC Bundle

This Bundle will end on the 27th April. Strategy Gamer is a Humble Affiliate.



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