Pick up Slay the Spire, Terraforming Mars and more for under $10

By Joe Robinson 24 Feb 2020 0

What better way to kick off the week than with a new way to spend what’s left of your monthly pocket money. I always find Humble a great place to grab a deal, and the fact that you can send as much as you want to charity as well is an added bonus.

Granted, we also love Humble because we’re affiliated, but there’s every chance we end up getting nothing, depending on where you put the slider - the power is in your hands! This latest bundle is another TableTop themed offering, so let’s break down each tier to see what you get for the next two weeks:

Tier 1 - Pay at least £1

This is a fairly basic tier, and not perhaps one that’s worth getting in and of itself. Gremlins Inc. is a digital adaptation of a physical board game, but it’s not one we’ve encountered before. It’s been out since March 2016 but holds a positive steam rating. This is an economics-driven strategy game where you’re steampunk Gremlins competing to make the most money. It’s card-driven, and supports up to six players. The game also has a fair amount of DLC, all of which is currently on sale on Steam.

Reigns & Reigns: Her Majesty are excellent games, but not necessarily for PC. With a tinder-esque design that’s as simple as it is elegant, you don’t do much but swipe left or right through an endless series of key choices. There are four stat bars that you have to keep in balance - let any single one get too high or too low, and you fail. As you play you unlock further ‘cards’ and narrative chains, so that each successive playthrough is richer and more varied. Reigns: Her Majesty is better than the original Reigns, but honestly these games are better played on a phone than on a PC screen.

Tier 2 - Pay Above the Average (Currently £4.93)

This is a meatier tier, and you could be quite happy stopping here if you wanted to. Terraforming Mars’ digital port has had a rough journey, but it’s been getting better as time goes on and despite it’s ‘Mixed’ overall rating, recent reviews have been more favourable.

Armello is a board game-like strategy game, in the sense that it’s a made-for digital game that evokes that board game feel. It specifically evokes elements of Catan, or even Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones Catan?), and is otherwise and excellent strategy game to play online.

For the King is another title we know little about, but seems to be more of a strategy RPG than a more traditional ‘board game’ and has favourable reviews.

Tier 3 - Pay at least £7.50

There’s only one game in this tier, but then it’s a pretty important one. Slay the Spire (Pictured Above) is one of the best strategy card games released last year. It’s not adapted from any physical game, but combines elements of roguelike and deck-building games to create an excellent and addictive experience. Getting this game alone for this price is a pretty good deal, and getting all of the other games to go with it is icing on the cake.

All in all, a pretty decent showing for Humble’s second TableTop Bundle. It’s a bit on the modest side - apart from Slay the Spire in the final tier there’s nothing terribly exciting, but if you’ve been waiting for your next strategy/board game fix, then this is a pretty good haul.

This bundle will cease on Tuesday, 10th March.



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