Moar Humble: Total War Franchise Weekend Sale

By Joe Robinson 05 Apr 2019 0

Can one have too much Humble? Well, I guess there’s one way to find out! Earlier in the week we let you know that Kalypso Media were having a Publisher sale on Humble. Well, not to be outdone. SEGA, or Creative Assembly (perhaps both?) have launched their own sale on Humble, albeit just for the Total War franchise.

Still, from now until Monday 8th, 2019, 10AM Pacific, you can pick up a range of Total War-related content for up to 75% off. Plus, as always you get to support charity.

It’s pretty much the status quo at the moment – the older games command the higher discounts and it’s likely you own most of them already. The real value is perhaps picking up some DLCs you’ve yet to look at.

The Curse of the Vampire Coast, which until later this month will be the most recent piece of DLC for Total War: Warhammer II, is 20% off.

Rise of the Republic, which is Rome 2’s most recent piece of DLC, is 66% off, while Thrones of Britannia, the inaugural ‘Total War Saga’ game, is 50% off.

We’ve got full DLC guides for Rome 2Warhammer & Warhammer 2 if you’re looking for some advice on what to pick up, and you can also read our thoughts on what the most authentic Total War game is.

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