Slitherine tries to put us all at ease by announcing a game about nuclear annihilation

By Joe Robinson 18 Jun 2020 0

In a world that’s threatening to tear itself apart (but in a socially responsible way where everyone’s two-metres apart), do you know what’s really needed right now? A game about nuclear annihilation.

ICBM is the latest indie strategy project to come out of publisher Slitherine’s ‘K-Project’ - a fund dedicated to helping get new strategy projects to market. It’s being created by the same developers who made the sci-fi 4X strategy game Polaris Sector and it’s essentially DEFCON, but with more chrome. It’s kind of weird that we were just talking about Introversion's game only yesterday.

It’s going to have single-player and online multiplayer for up to seven others - AI or human. Like DEFCON the core gameplay is going to be about the strategic placement of your forces - from nuclear launch silos, to battle fleets and airfields. Here’s a (rather overly serious) trailer:

Unlike DEFCON, there seems to be more of a build-up phase - research is involved, and you can choose how to build up your military assets - focusing on missiles, for example, or submarines. ICBM will have 20 unit types and 12 nuclear weapon types to use, plus 44 technologies to explore. Goody.

Other new features for the game include a Strike Planner, which is aimed at cutting down micro-management, and full mod support from launch. There’s no release window yet, other than it will be out by the end of the year.



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