Despite Imperator's 1.1 Patch dropping last week, the 1.2 'Cicero' Update is already in beta

By Joe Robinson 04 Jul 2019 0

Ave, Citizen! How have you been enjoying Imperator: Rome's 1.1 'Pompey' Update - has it made the game better for you? Are you starting to get to grips with the changes? Well forget that rubbish, time to move on to 1.2!

In a remarkable display of accelerated development, it was revealed today that Imperator: Rome's next update - 1.2 'Cicero' - is already available to test out in Beta. This is the update that, according to the official development road-map, isn't due until September. But hey, if they want to get people's feedback on it this early, who are we to complain?

According to the official post, part of the reason for this is because the Swedish summer holiday has just started, which basically means no-one in the entire country does anything for a month or so. Must be nice. There's a big caveat that comes with this beta - it's very early days (indicating the release window hasn't shifted) so they'll be a lot of place-holder assets, no localisation and probably instability with new features. As with 1.1, older saves won't work with the 1.2 beta so you'll need to start again.

imperator cicero

We imagine this is all subject to change, but here's a look at the new features as posted in the beta's change-log:

  • You can now disband loyal cohorts, for double the cost, but those loyal cohorts will turn into "veteran cohorts" for that character that impact their powerbase, and will be raised as experienced cohorts if that character revolts.
  • Pops now no longer instantly promote to another type, assimilate their culture or convert their religion. All of these changes will now instead happen over time due to a combination of factors that you can speed up through government policies and other actions. An overview for current changes underway in a city can be opened from the city interface.
  • Pops now migrate over time to neighboring cities, cities in the same province, or between provinces with a port in your empire. Manual movement of pops is now only possible for Slaves and Tribesmen (if you are a Tribe).
  • Monarch power has been removed as a concept. Instead mechanics have been changed to happen over time, use other currencies or opportunity cost. A new currency, Political Influence, is now generated by loyal members of your Government over time. Political Influence will be used to perform actions directly relating to your country's government such as selecting National Ideas or implementing Laws.
  • Reworked Experience. Unit Experience no longer decays from losses in combat but instead decays over time. All armies now have access to the Drill ability which will increase their cost and loyalty gain chance while allowing them to build up experience.
  • Reworked Military Traditions. Military traditions are now acquired using Military Experience, a countrywide value that measures the degree of Military Experience your country has built up. Military Experience increases from your average cohort experience and War Exhaustion, where reliance on mercenaries reduce the speed it accumulates by.
  • Added 11 new building types, to create more depth to develop your cities.
  • Fabricating claims is no longer instant and takes time.
  • A new character interaction to bestow a regional nickname on governors has been added.
  • A new character interaction to impose corruption sanctions on a character has been added, reducing their corruption at a cost of loyalty and tyranny.

There's more covering gameplay, balance etc... but those are the highlights. We've yet to fully get to grips with 1.1 yet, but over-all this all looks promising. Imperator is still sitting at a 38% overall rating on Steam, although recent reviews have risen to 44% positive, so hopefully the rest of the community is appreciating the team's hard work.

This kind of rapid response to criticism and the willingness to chuck mechanics out the window is fascinating (I smell an op-ed coming-ED), and hopefully these changes won't end up being too reactionary. Given time and care, Imperator can definitely mature into the game it deserves to be.

If you do end up checking out the 1.2 beta, let us know in the comments!



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