Imperator: Rome’s 1.3 update & free content pack lands next week

By Joe Robinson 25 Nov 2019 3

Imperator: Rome’s 1.2 ‘Cicero’ Update only landed a couple of months ago, and now the third major patch is due out next week on December 3rd. The 1.3 ‘Livy’ update is mainly focused on streamlining the ‘Family’ systems, so that there’s fewer to manage but with more impact and interactions, as well as adding a ‘Mission’ system to give players dynamically generated tasks to work towards.

Much like Europa Universalis 4’s own mission system that was added last year, this one is inspired by Hearts of Iron 4’s Focus Tree design, and the generic missions will be dynamically generated based on the type of mission and the current situation. The most recent Dev Diary goes into more depth as to how the generic systems work - it seems pretty clever.

Alongside the Livy update, Paradox are also released the Punic Wars Content Pack for free. This will include unique Mission trees for Rome and Carthage, new music and some extra visual niceties.

The 1.2 Cicero update was already a huge improvement to the base game: provincial management is more meaningful now, there’s no more ‘mana’ and generally the internal systems have a bit more bite to them.

We’re very much looking forward to playing around with 1.3, especially since some of the smaller improvements include things like a proper supply system for armies (which ties into the Food system introduced in 1.2.). Generally, Imperator is already a far better game than it was at launch, and it'll be interesting when we get to April 2020 and look back on the past year of improvements to see how far this game has come along.

Are you still playing Imperator: Rome? Are you looking forward to the new update? Let us know in the comments!



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