Imperator: Rome Magna Graecia content pack released alongside Archimedes update

By Sean Martin 01 Apr 2020 0

Praise be to Zeus, Imperator: Rome's newest content pack, Magna Graecia has finally released. Joe has had his eye on Magna Graecia since it was first announced, and quite right too, since opportunities to bring the light of civilisation to the ancient world are too few. The new content pack includes new missions for Athens, Sparta, and Syracusae, 12 new deities from the Greek pantheon linked to Holy Sites across the Greek world, as well as new artifacts and treasures based upon Hellenistic culture. 

This drops alongside new music, art, 3D models, and coolest of all, Apotheosis, a new mechanic allowing a ruler from prestigious family to be named a god, and accepted into the state religion. Magna Graecia is really a story of the Greek successor states, and the power vacuum left behind after the death of Alexander the Great.

Seeing an opportunity to reclaim lost glories, many of these factions are looking to gain power, and you must marshal your own through this dangerous period, claiming the right to rule Greece for yourself.  

The new content pack also arrives alongside update 1.4, appropriately named the Archimedes update. This will see the previous Omens system changed for a national Pantheon of state deities; providing passive buffs, but also able to be called upon for greater assistance.

In line with the introduction of Greek Holy Sites in Magna Graecia, they can also used to increase the power of your relevant deities, or if you'd prefer some sweet denari, sacked. Such marauding will also garner you a chance to steal some of your enemy's Sacred Treasures; divine relics and items which can be stored in the National Treasury to confer minor buffs. 

You will also be extremely happy to hear that loyalty is getting a rework, so it will now be based upon a number of different factors, meaning it will be far easier to know if there's a knife intent on finding a place in your back. All in all, it's a real refresh in a lot of ways, and should be plenty of content to wrap your teeth around for the considerable future!



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