Imperator Rome to get free content pack along side 1.3 Livy update

By Joe Robinson 19 Oct 2019 0

It may not have been a main focus at this year's Paradox Convention, but Imperator: Rome also got some love on the main stage. After a very frank and humble conversation about the state the game released in, Game Director Johan Andersson talked about the free Content Pack that will be releasing alongside the next major update - The Punic Wars pack.

I would argue that the work they've been putting into the game since launch has earned them the right to charge for some of the extra work they've been doing, but I'm not going to argue with free stuff. Here's the official run down of what's in the new pack:

  • Roman Mission Pack: Ten unique mission trees for the star of Imperator: Rome to guide your conquest of Italy and neighboring regions.
  • Carthaginian Mission Pack: Ten unique mission trees for the children of Tyre to help you plan your mercantile and military dominance of Africa, Spain and the rest of the west.
  • Numidian Unit Model: New army model for the Numidians, North Africans often hired as mercenaries by larger powers.
  • Carthaginian Ship Model: A unique ship design for Carthaginian navies.
  • New Music: Three additional music tracks to soothe your conquering soul.

It's a modest pack, but it pairs well with some of the features that are coming as part of the 1.3 Livy update. Here's another official rundown of that content:

  • Character Experience System: The more characters are asked to do, the better they become. Cultivate young talent as they climb the ranks, with new events for experienced statesmen.
  • Family System Reworked: Fewer families to track, but great families are more important. Watch their fortunes rise and fall as they accumulate prestige.
  • Procedurally Generated Missions: New mission system produces contextual goals and rewards that reflect your current situation.
  • Improved Map: Greater detail for some map locations including Sicily, the British Isles, parts of Greece and the Baltic region.
  • Map Mode Manager: New map mode manager lets you customize the manager menu so it emphasizes maps you rely on.
  • Inferno Graphics: The drama of war is now illustrated on map, as cities burn while under attack.
  • And much more: The Livy add-on will include other changes that will be announced in coming weeks.

Even with the 1.2 Cicero update, we think the game is actually in a really good place right now and it's good to see Paradox are still giving the Imperator team support to make it better. I guess there's no denying the fact that game sold well - it just wasn't in the state people wanted it to be at launch. Even with Crusader Kings 3 on on the horizon now, we're still looking forward to watching this game develop and grow.

There's no release window on the Livy update and the Punic Wars pack, but an early beta version is available to play at PDXCon.



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