In Imperator: Rome, the Republic's Ascendancy is far from certain

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Imperator: Rome is the upcoming new grand-strategy game from Paradox Interactive. Billed as a unique blend of their previous games, it follows on from the heritage of the cult-classic EU: Rome and thrusts players into the dawn of the Roman Era.

If you want the full break down on the game, read our in-depth guide to everything we know.

Specifically, the start date is going to be 304 BCE, or 450 Ab Urbe Condita (the Roman calendar which marks the years since the city’s founding). As far as its significance, it is the year the second Samnite War officially ended, and today’s Imperator dev diary shows the starting set-up of Italy during this time.

Imperator DD 1

The Early days of the Roman Republic were very much about the struggle for supremacy of the peninsular and while the end of the second Samnite War would crystallise Rome’s dominance of central Italy, it wasn’t assured. There would eventually be a third Samnite War about six years later, at which point Rome’s ascendancy on the peninsular was secure.

We imagine this start date was chosen as it is an ideal middle ground – Rome isn’t simply one name amongst many at this time, it’s strong, and it has allies… but then there’s still plenty of opposition both north and south. The 3rd and 2nd Century BCE would see Rome’s hold on Italy solidify and see the Republic start to exert it’s influence abroad. A step too far perhaps for the likes of front-man Johan Andersson, who doesn’t want to drop the players half-way through the story that is Rome’s ascension. He wants us to work for it.

Still, as a starting point it hardly calls out to the glamour that enthusiasts often associate with the Roman period. Looking at Italy, you’re awash with a sea of playable factions that are rather forgettable and will lack the draw that the Republic itself has. Unless you’re a history buff of this era, why would you want to see an Etruscan Dominated Italy? Or a Boii Gallic Italy?

Imperator DD 2

Johan’s already stated that there won’t be multiple start dates (which are difficult to balance, to be fair), but it means that every time you want to start a new game you’ll need to assert Rome’s dominance (or not). I worry it may end up being a bit like the start of EU4 for nations like England.

You still have to deal with the dregs of the hundred years war, and there’s always that pesky War of the Roses that you need to deal with. Sometimes, being able to ski[ that beginning bit and get to the fun part would be nice.



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