Sci-fi city builder Industries of Titan launches in Early Access

By Sean Martin 20 Apr 2020 1

An Epic Game Store exclusive, Industries of Titan, has launched in Early Access on their storefront. In the game you play as one of the Great Houses of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, as you try to build a giant industrial city on the planet. But to do this you must compete with the other houses of Titan.

One of the most special things about Industries of Titan, is that the game is both a management sim, and a strategy game. You must start your city from small beginnings, designing the complex from the ground up, but you must also design battleships to defeat your rivals in tactical fleet combat.

Like Stellaris, Industries of Titan is also real-time with pause, allowing you to play at whatever pace you want. The game is also being developed by Brace Yourself Games, famous for their critically acclaimed indie title, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and with music from Danny Baranowski of the same fame.

Though Industries of Titan is a departure from that game and has no rhythm based component, it looks just as fresh and innovative.

Industries also seems to have aspects of Surviving Mars, where you balance the well-being of your population with the production of necessary resources. Part of the game will involve setting up production lines to produce what you need, then using those materials to synthesise others, fairly typical stuff for a management sim.

But Industries' most unique component is combining strategy combat with a management sim, so we'll be curious to see how that develops. If industrial complexes and management sims are your want, you can find Industries of Titan on the Epic Games Store.



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