Invisible Inc. has stealthed its way onto Nintendo Switch

By Joe Robinson 16 Jun 2020 0

We’ve talked a few times now about how the Nintendo Switch is becoming a new frontier for strategy game franchises, but that’s mainly been in relation to current games making the jump during their on-going life-cycles.

The great thing about a platform like the Switch is that it can also handle porting of slightly older gems as well, as the recent port of 2016’s XCOM 2 has proven. There are plenty of others as well - Invisible Inc. was released by Klei Entertainment in 2015 and is a fun indie-style turn-based stealth tactics game. It made the jump to mobile in 2016 and has been a favourite amongst the iPad crowd ever since, as our sister website Pocket Tactics can tell you.

Now, five years after its original release, Klei has decided to throw the game onto the Nintendo Switch. We’ve got a review of the iPad version that was released in case you wanted to know what it was like back then (and it still holds together now).

It’s a single-player only game, and the install size is about 628 MB. The Switch version includes the Contingency Plan DLC, which extends the campaign time and adds new rewards, agents, programs and danger to the base game of Invisible Inc.

Invisible Inc. Switch Edition is available for $19.99. At the time of writing it was 75% off on Steam.



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