Iron Harvest is out now - here’s what you need to know

By Joe Robinson 02 Sep 2020 0

What a week for strategy gaming - not only have we had to deal with the release of Crusader Kings 3 and the impending release of a new Total War: Three Kingdoms expansion, but Iron Harvest has also joined the scrum as of yesterday.

The steampunk Company of Heroes wannabe has been in the works for a while now, but has always been very clear as to when it wanted to release - the 1st of September, 2020 (or 1/9/20). This is a homage to the 1920+ universe where the game is set, a timeline where the first world war kind of never ended, and everyone decided to up and invent steam-fuelled mechs.

We wonder if sticking to this deadline has proven more of a hindrance than a quaint marketing stunt. Launching at the same time as other strategy heavy-weights is always a tricky proposition (assuming gamers have limited time and funds), but if the Steam reviews are to be believed then the game could have done with a bit longer to develop.

Iron Harvest Review

Our own review for Iron Harvest is still in the works, as review code was provided too late to really give us enough time to get an article done properly. Other websites have published reviews in the interim, however, so here is a selection of interesting pieces for you to look at:

The general consensus is that this is a competent RTS, even a competent Company of Heroes successor, but everyone’s found something that they found wanting. Whether it’s cutscenes, unit behavior or something else, the game in general feels a bit rough around the edges. The single-player campaign is reported to be quite good though.

Coming back to the Steam reviews mentioned above, there are also several promised features still missing. Co-op isn’t currently enabled, neither are several competitive related features such as Leaderboards and Ranked play. Map selection hasn’t improved since the days of the beta.

Clearly there’s still work to be done, but the developers have recently published a roadmap which includes campaign co-op and ranked mode, at least, along with one new map a week. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long for this game to get up to shape, but one could argue if there was still this much content left to finish, perhaps an Early Access release might have been better.

Iron Harvest Dev Roadmap2

In the meantime, we’ll get you our own thoughts as soon as we can.

Iron Harvest is available on PC via Steam for $49.99/£46.99.



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