In Iron Harvest’s Not-Russia, it’s all about mechs with massive scythes

By Joe Robinson 14 Jul 2020 1

Iron Harvest is shaping up to be the Company of Heroes-meets-Dieselpunk mech game we never knew we wanted and we're getting closer to its September release date (the same day as Crusader Kings 3, as it happens). We're tempering our excitement, but things look promising at any rate.

As we near launch, the developers are starting to share more information and snippets about the game, starting with in-depth faction overviews. Being set in an alternative universe, the factions in Iron Harvest are familiar but different. Rusviet is essentially an interpretation of the Russian Empire had it not collapsed towards the end of WW1 and fallen into civil war.

The 1920+ variant is faring little better though - social tensions and internal strife are only being kept in check because of the on-going wars. As those wars start to lessen the people are starting to remember that, actually, they’d very much like to not be exploited anymore.

Apparently their cynical approach to civil liberties extends to how they design their mechs as well, if their official faction video is anything to go by:

Gundam Deathsythe? Is… is that you? We're expecting more faction overviews to drop between now and release, so if you're interested make sure you keep an eye out on the relevant social channels.

Iron Harvest is due to release on PC via Steam on September 1st, 2020.



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