Kalypso’s taking another turn at a Publisher sale on Humble - up to 80% off entire catalogue

By Joe Robinson 01 Oct 2019 0

We love the smell of cheap Strategy games in the morning. It smells like… cheap strategy games. Humble finally have another sale that’s relevant to our interests, and this time it’s Kalypso Media stepping up to the plate again with discounts of up to 80% across their entire catalogue.

Kalypso Media are what you would call a ‘mid-tier’ Publisher - an increasingly rare thing in today’s Market. It means they don’t have the budget to make full-on AAA quality releases, but neither are they in the indie space either. Paradox Interactive could have been considered a ‘mid-tier’ once upon a time, although they’ve been working hard to scale up their development recently.

warhammer 40l mechanicus

This means though that many of Kalypso’s releases over the years could be described as ‘Hit-and-Miss’. They’ve all shown promise, or had development teams with real passion and creativity, but the limitations of what Kalypso can realistically achieve is also plain to see at times. That doesn’t mean they don’t have some gems worth trying out if you haven’t already, and many of them are on sale for the next week.

  • Omerta: City of Gangsters - if you’re patiently waiting for the Romero’s Empire of Sin to be released, then why not try out a similar game from the dev team behind Tropico 3 & 4, as well as Surviving Mars? Omerta was a bit clunky and flawed in a few places, but it was also quite fun. You can get the Gold Edition for 80% off.
  • Speaking of Tropico, Tropico 5’s ‘Complete’ collection is available for 50% off, while the recently released Tropico 6 is enjoying a 20% discount. My favourite has always been Tropico 4, which is also available for stupidly cheap.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, not only one of our favourite Warhammer 40K games, but one of our favourite strategy games of the year can be acquired at a 40% discount, which is a pretty decent price for an excellent squad tactics game.
  • Port Royale 4 was announced at GamesCom this year, so if you’re curious about the series or economic sims in general, you can pick up Port Royale 3’s Gold Edition for 75% off. These games often feature a real-time naval battle engine as well, so it’s not all number crunching. Other similar games also on sale include Patrician IV (75%), and Rise of Venice (80%).

These are just our personal highlights, but there’s plenty more on the main sale page if you want to go have a look. Kalypso’s mainstay is strategy and simulation games (usually economics) but they’ve also done some RPGs and Management games as well. There’s also plenty of DLC for their various games as well, most of which you can buy individually during the sale.

Let us know if you pick anything anything up from the sale. Strategy Gamer is a Humble Affiliate.



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