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By Joe Robinson 03 Apr 2019 0

In many ways, German company Kalypso Media is the poster-child for the ‘mid-tier’ publisher – constant output, one or two ‘staple’ franchises and generally liked as a company. But outside the headliners, their games usually have something wrong with them – not enough budget, technically unsound… I’ve been covering games now for ten years, and a constant rock of my career has been Kalypso and their consistently 7/10 releases.

Unlike say, Paradox, they’ve yet to ‘level up’ and head into the big leagues, but they’re always putting out games and trying out new things. They’re not wholly a strategy publisher; you’re just as likely to see RPGs or Management Sims than you are a strategy game, but I for one am glad they’re still around, and still making games.

It’s their turn to be running a publisher sale over on Humble, which started yesterday and will run through to Monday, April 8th, finishing at 10 AM Pacific Time.

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Discounts vary between 25% - 80% off, and here’s a summary of some of the more interesting games you might want to consider picking up:

Tropico 4 Collector’s Bundle (60%) £7.59

Our review of Tropico 6 is inbound, but I’ve always thought that Tropico 4 was the high-point of the ‘Haemimont era’ of Tropico games. The studio would make Tropico 5 before moving to Paradox to make Surviving Mars. Tropico 5 (which is also available at a decent discount), was the first game to try truly new things with the IP, but not all of it worked. Tropico 4 is the sweet spot – it was basically Tropico 3 (which was also pretty good) but a lot better. This bundle comes with all of the DLC they released for the game.

Warhammer 40K Mechanicus (25%) £17.24

Squad-based tactical action set in the eternal 40K universe – as a refreshing change of pace, you control a customisable team of Adeptus Mechanicus soldiers, as opposed to your usual Space Marines or Imperial Guard. We haven’t actually reviewed this one ourselves yet, but we hear consistently good things about it, so might be worth checking out.

Omerta: City of Gangsters Gold (70%) £5.69

Omerta was a game that showed a lot of promise, but ultimately struggled to live up to its' potential. Still, with a blend of Tropico-like strategic management and XCOM tactical battles, all set in a prohibition-era Atlantic city, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this one – plus you get all the DLCS as well. Another Haemimont experiment, you’ve got to gather intel and resources and expand your criminal influence across the city. Where necessary, you can jump into a turn-based tactical layer to do anything form a bank robbery, to an assassination. It comes with sandbox and a story driven campaign, and there's been plenty of DLC for it as well.

Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar (80%) £2.19

The second of Longbow Games’ ‘Hegemony’ series, Rome is by no means the best (Hegemony III is where it’s at), but it’s still a decent titles if you want to play something with a more recognisable theme. I like Hegemony 3, but the setting is a tad bland.

The main problems with Hegemony Rome were in the grand sandbox campaign. You had to spend a bit too long mopping up micro-factions of the same culture before you truly met anyone else and it wasn’t that authentic as an experience. The campaigns are fun though and for the price it’s worth speculating if you’re looking for a more logistics-focused strategy/war game. You should pick up the two DLCs that came with it for a complete experience.

Port Royale 3, Patrician 4 & Rise of Venice (75% - 80%)

These are the three most recent ‘economic’ simulator games that Kalypso released. It’s not a genre Kalypso have looked at in a while, considering Rise of Venice is five years old at this point (and the youngest of the 3). All three are basically the same but differ in some details and setting – you’re in control of a new up-and-coming trading house/economic entity in history, and you’ve got to find the best trade routes, setting up in-house production chains as you can so that you can corner the market on various good.

Port Royale is set in Caribbean, where-as Patrician has you in Northern Europe. Rise of Venice is a more narrative-driven affair set around Venice, although there is a sandbox mode as well. All of the games feature real-time naval combat which can be skipped if you’d rather focus on the money. They’re all pretty hardcore, and all a little bit flawed in their own way, but it really doesn’t matter which one you pick up – depends on which setting grabs you the most.

For value, there is a Port Royale 3/Patrician 4 double pack that might be worth checking out, and don’t forget about DLC.

Remember, you have until Monday to check out the Kalypso publisher sale. Let us know if you do end up picking anything out. Enjoy!



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