Kerbal Space Program Makes History on March 13th, 2018

By Joe Robinson 07 Feb 2018 0

The first official expansion pack for Kerbal Space Program finally has a release date. Announced almost a year ago in March 2017, the Making History expansion will now be releasing for the PC version of the game on March 13th, 2018.


The headline features for this premium update include the Mission Builder, where players will be given the tools to create an edit their own missions which can be shared online. Hopefully this will replace the rather lack-lustre ‘Contracts’ system from the base game, which you really need mods like to be able to anything worthwhile with.

KSP Making History Expansion Final Key Art

The other main feature is the History Pack, which is a brand new set of bespoke pre-made missions inspired by the real history of human space travel. The expansion will also include new parts, a Kerbal Personal Parachute as well as a scoring system to allow players to challenge each other.

Kerbal Space Program has been in development since 2010. It entered Steam Early Access in 2013 and left it in 2015, and then the game was acquired by Take-Two early last year. According to Eurogamer, Squad has said the expansion will cost £9.99/$14.99 but will be free for anyone who purchased the game prior to April 2013.

No word as of yet as to if/when this expansion will make it to the console versions of the game.



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