March 14th, 2018: Meanwhile, in the world of strategy gaming...

By Joe Robinson 14 Mar 2018 0

So, while we were busy trying to tame a hostile new land and taking out our frustration on the local villagers Dark Ages style, news happened. We’re going to take this opportunity to once again wipe the slate clean and let you know about all the cool happenings you may have missed.

It’s a BattleTech Life

In an effort to get us even more hyped, Harebrained Schemes and Paradox have released another trailer for their upcoming turn-based tactical mech combat game, Battletech.

For the first time we get a really detailed glimpse if the strategy layer – the bit in between the battles. From managing your Mechwarriors and your Mechs, to balancing the books as to your outfit’s finances, the RPG/Management layer should hopefully be the glue that binds the whole experience together. Yeah, we’re still excited, and April can’t come quick enough.

Through the Ages PC

If you’re a follower of our sister website, Pocket Tactics, you have spotted last September their glowing review of Czech Games Edition’s excellent digital port of their popular civilization building board game Through the Ages. Not only that, but it went on to win three accolades in the 2017 Awards, including Games of the Year.

Fast forward to today, and we’re pretty excited to learn that it will be hitting PC via Steam on March 26th. It’ll be the same price as the mobile version for the week following its release, after which it’ll increase in price. To what we don’t know yet, but whatever it is it’ll probably be worth it – this is an excellent game!

Kerbal Space Program Makes History

Not strictly speaking a strategy game, but I’ve professed a couple of times now that Kerbal Space Program is pretty freaking cool.

The first official expansion for the game – Making History – was released yesterday. We’ve spoken about what this entails before, but it’s available for £12.99 | $15 if you want it. PCGN’s Julian Benson already has some thoughts up – seems the actual mission packs aren’t great, but the mission creator itself might just be worth the price of admission alone (plus the new parts will probably come in handy).

Prior to that, the game was updated to version 1.4.1, the details of which you can read here.

Games Workshop Games That’s Not 40K Shock

It seems that in the grim darkness of the far future, there may not only be Warhammer 40K games. Auroch Digital are showing off some alpha gameplay footage of a project their working on with Games Workshop: Dark Future: Blood Red States.

It’s a real-time strategy game based around Mad Max-style car combat, and is due by the end of 2018. The game’s Steam page has also been given a complete refreshed, so you can go there to read up more about the gameplay and see more stills.

For reference: Dark Future was originally created in 1988 as a miniature wargame. There wasn’t much beyond that original publication other than some advanced rules and White Dwarf articles, but this digital reboot was first announced back in 2015.

Dota Plus

MOBA’s aren’t something we usually cover either, but this seemed to be worth highlight at least. Valve recently have announced a new subscription service to replace their previous ‘Battle Pass’ system.

The new DOTA Plus, available for $3.99 a month, nets subscribers a whole host of new goodies – from an in-game assistant, to daily challenges and extra XP progression, and more. You can see the full list of features here.

That’s all for today’s update – we’ll have more for you as the week goes on!



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