May 7th: Meanwhile, In strategy gaming...

By Joe Robinson 07 May 2018 0

It’s a bank holiday here in the UK, but we’ve got time for a quick catch-up of some recent strategy gaming news that might interest you. From the top!

Battle of Wesnoth

The Battle for Wesnothas well as being one our favourite turn-based strategy games – is a title that’s been in development for over 15 years. It’s completely free and open-source, and you need look no further if you’re looking for some turn-based, high-fantasy strategy/adventure.


To make it even easier to acquire this free gem, the developer has now put it up on Steam! Again, completely for free. You can check out the steam page here.

BattleTech Content Road-Map

Harebrained Schemes have talked a bit about where they want to go from here now that their long-awaited turn-based mech game, BattleTech, is out in the wild. This is a journey that began in November 2015 when their Kickstarter was successfully funded.

First and foremost, they want to fix any critical bugs and issues, including a particularly nasty hardware problem that seems to be affect the game’s ability to play the cut-scenes. At the time of writing, a sizeable update for the game (791.9MB) has already been put out so hopefully a lot of those issues have been fixed.


Beyond that, there’s another general round of bug-fixing in May, followed by added localisation support. The first wave of actual gameplay stuff won’t kick in till June/July, where HBS want to give players more customization.

Other things on their hit-list are accelerated combat options, MechWarrior customization, the ability to skip the tutorial and other quality of life improvements. There’s also a few other Kickstarter promises they must address that didn’t make it into the launch version of the game.

Aggressors: Ancient Rome Announced

Slitherine have announced a new strategy game that will be joining their line-up later this year. The press release cites 'Q3 2018'.

Aggressors: Ancient Rome, is a turn-based strategy game that gives off a very Civ-like/4X appeal, accept that it’s set in one specific period of history in the Mediterranean. More like a Civ scenario then, but with a lot more depth.

You will be able to choose from over 20 factions based around the Mediterranean, and control all aspects of your civilization: war, trade, internal politics, diplomacy, cultural development… a lot of historical research has supposedly gone in to the design, so while it offers a sandbox experience, it’s one backed by history.

We suggest checking out the official steam page for a more detailed breakdown of the game’s various features. You can also sign up for the beta.



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