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By Joe Robinson 05 Mar 2018 0

You know, there was an awful lot of news last week. Not being the news juggernauts our compatriots over at PCGamesN are, we can only highlight so much.

Still, as there was so much that happened last week that we didn’t get around to talking about, I figured we might as well just wipe the slate clean right here and let you know about all the things you may or may not have seen:

New Early Access Games

There were two prominent Early Access releases last week. The first was Handelabra’s One Deck Dungeon which hit Steam last Tuesday. You may know Handelabra as the guys who do Sentinels of the Multiverse, although they were also responsible for the digital port of Bottom of the 9th as well.

One Deck Dungeon is a solitaire adventure/dungeon crawler powered by cards. Meant to be quick and accessible, you’ve got several heroes and several dungeons types to choose from. The EA period is due to last 2-3 months.


Also dropping last Tuesday, The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth also launched in Steam Early Access as well. Based on the Games Workshop boardgame of the same name, we’ve looked at this one before. It’s got a VR mode in it, which is unusual, and we’re due a check in to see how this one’s developed since we last saw it. Early Access period is due to last 6-8 months.


It’s been just over a year now since Chucklefish announced their fantasy Advanced Wars homage Wargroove. The team are still aiming for a release later this year, but to mark the occasion they shared a preview of some of the new commanders coming to their game. You should check them out!

unit factions commanders


Since we’re here, might as well through in a Stellaris dev diary. Given how radical the changes accompanying the Apocalypse expansion were going to be, the team knew they’d need to spend extra time on post-release support.


They’re already on the case with the 2.02 beta patch, which will be constantly updated based on user feedback and their own fix priorities. You can find out more details on the patch and how to opt in here.

Other than indie free-to-play turn-based strategy game Insidia releasing ‘for realz’, we think that just about wraps it up. There’s plenty of cool stuff due to come out this week, so stay tuned for more news bulletins!



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