More Rome 2 DlC, a new fantasy Warhammer game, Norsca – Total War fans rejoice!

By Joe Robinson 16 Mar 2018 0

Creative Assembly have published an update laying out what all their teams are working on. While they’re not being specific on all fronts, it’s still great to get a big-picture snapshot of what you can expect from them over the course of 2018.

Roma Surrectum

Means ‘Rome Arises’, this is not only the name of a kick-ass series of mods for the original Rome: Total War, but it’s also a signs of things to come. It seems Creative Assembly aren’t done with Rome II just yet:

  • A new campaign pack (a la Empire Divided) which they hope will be a “fresh take” on the idea is in the works.
  • A new piece of Free-LC which will have a “very exciting feature” in it.
  • A general content update which will align with the above two.

A Patch, a Free-LC and a Campaign Pack all walk into a bar…

Fantasy Land

Since wrapping up on Rise of the Tomb Kings for Warhammer II, the ‘Fantasy New Content Team’ has been hard a work beating the Norsca into submission:

  • They are still trying to make their May deadline to re-introduce the faction into Warhammer II in terms of the Mortal Empires campaign. A lot of the code base has had to be rebuilt from scratch to accommodate this, and the Norsca faction has also gotten new technologies and Monster Hunts.
  • The 30th Birthday Regiments of Renown are coming back.
  • The next DLC is confirmed to be a ‘Lords Pack’ in a similar vein to King & The Warlord, which will tie all of the above changes together.

Thrice Kingdoms

Other than re-confirming that Three Kingdoms is real, nothing much was said for this team other than:

“… [This] will be the first Total War game to tackle ancient Chinese warfare, and we’re working on some seriously cool content that both ticks the historical authenticity box and brings some exciting new stuff to the Total War formula.”

And the rest

There’s a second fantasy team that’s in early pre-production on something. Our PCGN chums are guessing it’s Total Warhammer III, but then given the turn around between TW1 and TW2, I would have thought they’d be beyond pre-production by now. Unless it’s a bluff, of course.

Other than that, the ARENA team are still hard at work adding in content to Total War: ARENA, with Carthage being the latest faction, and a Ranked mode will be coming at sometime in the next few weeks as well.

Last but certainly not least, the Total War Access guys are cooking up something special which will be exclusive to TWA members. It’s been described as:

So not really a Total War game such as you’re used to, but if you like thinking strategically and stretching your tactical muscle you should be interested in what we’re up to. We’ll let you know when we’re ready to test it, as we’d love to hear what you think.

Colour us intrigued – could be challenges? Perhaps? Saves (either campaign or battle) set up with unique strategic or tactical challenges that you must overcome? Although the quote makes it sound like they’re working on a brand-new product so maybe not. Only time will tell!



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