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By Edward Mass 31 Jan 2019 6

Personality quizzes have been around on the internet since even before the beginning of the millennium, but never before have they gained as much definition and popularity as they do now. One of the most widely used personality assessments today is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator which classifies individuals into sixteen personality types.

With Jungian psychological theories at its core, the different Types seek to describe the cognitive functionality of each individual and how they interact with their inner and outer worlds. It has become so influential that even eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies use it to better fit employees with jobs that cater to their strengths.

So, how can we as strategy gamers have fun with this?

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Know Thyself

First things first: you need to find our what your type is. Unless you're someone like me who had to go through the evaluation process for a job to find out, you might need to use an online test. I'm generally wary of tests not administered by an actual psychologist, but some tests can at least give you a rough estimate. Still, sometimes the best way is to simply research about the types themselves and choose one that sounds right.


Let's run down each type and examine which games and playstyles might tickle their psychological fancy. Remember that personality types are merely guides towards what we may be good at but will not determine what we might actually enjoy. After all, knowing that I'm right handed means I might be good at playing certain sports over others, but it doesn't dictate that I must love those sports. Let us know your personality type in the comments below and what games you enjoy to help refine this list!

INTJ - “The Strategist”

Recommended Playthrough: Non-Aligned Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV is a no brainer for the resident "rational” strategist. HOI4 activates that intense focus on long term planning which is perfect for Introverted Intuition (Ni). It also requires intuition to see everything as a connected whole before unleashing one's plan on the world in a rational and executive way (Extraverted Thinking). This makes the game's focus on the quantitative aspects of war and all its necessary planning perfect for this personality type.

The secret of the INTJ, however, is that while he seems like a rationalist on the outside, he is burning with an interior fire (Introverted Feeling) which is why a Non-Aligned rather than ideological playthrough of HOI4 might cater better to the INTJ's personal convictions and passions.

NA Germany

ENTJ – “The Commander”

Recommended Playthrough: Prussia in Empire: Total War

Prussia in Empire: Total War fits ENTJs like a glove. They are a beleaguered faction requiring extensive planning so as not to be overstretched, but still engrossed in the Total War mechanic of fully rendered battles (tantalizing that Extraverted Sensing) while demanding that the player take real time control of immediate decisions (Te).

Unlike the INTJ's higher priority on planning, ENTJs like Erwin Rommel prefer to be much more involved in the action (the combination of Extraverted Thinking being dominant and Extraverted Sensing not being suppressed) while still having that brilliant long term planning as part of their arsenal.

Prussia ETW

(Can't believe we're actually recommending people play ETW-ED

INTP - “The Logician”

Recommended Playthrough: Multiplayer Co-op Stellaris

The traditional INTP “scientist” like Einstein or Darwin might truly enjoy the meticulous sci-fi atmosphere of Stellaris which would appeal to anyone wanting to create a comprehensive system on how to run an empire 'efficiently' (as Ti likes to do). That dense introverted thinking is balanced out by the way INTPs like to relax with classic sci fi tropes and past experiences (Si is often linked with a codified memory) and Stellaris offers references to great Sci Fi franchises in droves. Still, a whole galaxy of glittering possibilities appeals to that exploratory nature of Extraverted Intuition.

Interestingly, INTPs have a secret heart of gold (Inferior Extraverted Feeling) which seeks harmony and cooperation even when they're so emotionless on the outside (think Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation). INTPs could enjoy cooperative play which allows them to exercise their elusive final function.

Stellaris MP

ENTP - “The Debater”

Recommended Playthrough: 'One Planet' Challenge Stellaris

As with its INTP sister type, Stellaris is just a perfect match for the ENTP that finesses Extraverted Intuition and Introverted Thinking. The higher priority for ENTPs for their Ne, however, means not just exploring the galaxy, but exploring totally different ways of playing a game. That crazy combination of Ne and Fe creates a maelstrom of possibilities.

To fit this 'quirky mad scientist' personality type, what better way to satiate these contradictory currents than to present a challenge: create the perfect Federation or Empire by inhabiting only one planet.

One Planet

ISTJ - “The Guardian”

Recommended Playthrough: Competitive Starcraft II

The muscle memory and build patterns of Starcraft II fit perfectly with the interior codification of the ISTJ. If there was ever a type to embody stability and codification, it is the ISTJ, who is called “The Guardian” for the reason that he or she has stored up a wealth of how things have been (Introverted Sensing) in a very concrete way.

Like the INTJ, the ISTJ has that fiery Tertiary Introverted Feeling that gives them a personal edge to their otherwise flint-like exterior. Thus, competition is in their blood. However, the secret trollish nature of the ISTJ (as found in Extraverted Intuition at the bottom) will aid him or her in surprising their opponents with a suddenly unorthodox manoeuvre every once in a while.

Starcraft 2

ESTJ – “The Enforcer”

Recommended Playthrough: Vanilla XCOM 2

XCOM2 helps to bring out the commanding presence of the ESTJ is a field commander par excellence. The ESTJ relies on learned experiences and codified memories. He is the warrior who learns from every encounter. ESTJs are the kind of commanders that someone knows may not get them out of a sticky situation with some secret plan, but that they have enough savoir-faire that they can overcome anything that comes their way.

Xcom 2

ISTP - “The Crafter”

Recommended Playthrough: Modded RimWorld

Possessing the impressive interior blueprinting that ISTPs share with INTPs (Ti), but with a Tertiary Introverted Intuition twist, ISTPs multiclass as architect and visionary making RimWorld a perfect fit. Their Auxiliary Extraverted Sensing also allows them to be keenly aware of material needs that would dominate the nitty gritty materialism of RimWorld.

The mods that we've covered before would make any ISTP happy as more tools in his or her tool-shed means more hands-on interaction with the environment and Extraverted Sensing is all about taking up those sensory opportunities. Since character psychology is also an integral part of Rimworld, it also gives the ISTP the chance to practice his or her Inferior Extraverted Feeling.

Rimworld Rev Hea

ESTP - “The Adventurer”

Recommended Playthrough: Cooperative Starcraft II

Starcraft II's APM heavy action and strictly logical build system is perfect for these seekers of “logical” sensory overload. ESTPs are the risk takers. Carpe Diem is their battle cry, but it is interestingly tempered by their desire for a consistent interior system and social harmony.

Possessing that Tertiary Extraverted Feeling makes ESTPs good and fair teammates and they definitely need teammates to balance out their impulsiveness. Let the ESTPs take the charge in boldness while the other teammates plan things out. After all, ESTPs are prone to overestimating themselves as their Ni is inferior.

Starcraft 2 Co op

INFJ - “The Counselor”

Recommended Playthrough: Resurrecting the Roman Empire in Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II is the perfect vehicle to plot with Introverted Intuition one's way from a lowly count to Emperor complete with that much sought after interpersonal management that Extraverted Feeling is so adept at doing.

With great interpersonal fluency and a universal value system (Fe) INFJs seek to “unite” the world under an emotional and ideological umbrella. INFJs are “idealists”. Thankfully, there are many positive ways of channelling these powers and one such way is to master plan the resurrection of the most 'Romantic' of ideals: the Roman Empire.

CK2 Roman Empire

ENFJ - “The Protagonist”

Recommended Playthrough: Any Valkyria Chronicles game

The fiery, yet dutiful passion of Extraverted Feeling as a Dominant function deals simultaneously with interpersonal relationships and universal, moral harmony. Thus, any Valkyria Chronicles strategy RPG presents a perfect balance of these two aspects. Each story is almost always a guarantee towards some goal for the betterment of the world and, at the same time, engages the player in rather intense interpersonal mechanics. Long term planning on each map also engages the Auxiliary Function of the ENFJ.

vc screen1

INFP - “The Dreamer”

Recommended Playthrough: Single Player Civilization VI

INFPs have a rich interior world of inherent values and emotions and what better way to have that journey of self-exploration than adopting one of the many different world civilizations in Civilization VI. The INFP has the freedom to define not only their civilization type, but also its ethos adhering to that personal value system that defines Fi users. Civ is also turn based so it's light on the Te requirement and, finally, it's a lot of exploration and possible paths which allows that Extraverted Intuition to shine.

Civ 6

ENFP - “The Campaigner”

Recommended Playthrough: Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 offers player customization and choices which is perfect for the out-of-the-box thinking of the ENFP while the massive world scratches that Ne exploratory itch. The ability to engage in a rich world and apply one's personal value system to things that occur in the environment is another uncanny fit for the auxiliary Introverted Feeling. Still, being able to command a small group speaks to the fact that unlike the INFP sister type, ENFPs do have Tertiary Extraverted Thinking which allows them to take command more naturally.

Divinity Original Sin 2

ISFJ - “The Defender”

Recommended Playthrough: Leading the Roman Empire in Rome II: Total War

Like the ISTJ's traditionalist leanings, a codified way of doing politics seems like the very hallmark of the Pax Romana. ISFJs romantically and quietly defending the borders of the Empire through tried and true Roman tactics in Rome II would appeal to these warm overlords. But don't let that high Extraverted Feeling fool you: hidden within that Tertiary Ti is the machinations of a cold hearted calculus adept at organizing an empire for maximum domestic efficiency.

Thankfully, the Total War series tends to lend itself to the recycling of previous strategies so the ISFJ's Si codification ought to do it wonders.

Rome 2 TW Rome

ESFJ - “The Provider”

Recommended Playthrough: Diplomatically Creating the HRE in Europa Universalis IV

High Fe not only wants everyone to get along but also wants to instill a universal moral code. What better way to do that than to play as one of the nations of the Holy Roman Empire in Europa Universalis IV and finally solidify this resurrection of the Roman Empire? Under one banner, united through the harmonious efforts of diplomacy rather than war—and naturally defending allies (like any good Fe Dominant would do) is one playthrough that might satisfy this wish for a peaceful concordance towards greatness.


ISFP - “The Artist”

Recommended Playthrough: BattleTech

Uniquely characterised space mercenaries with visually customizable mechs deliver the one two punch of that focus on individualism that Dominant Introverted Feeling strives to experience while grasping hold of the material reality of the world around them as Auxiliary Extraverted Sensing dictates. The turned based system during the missions caters to the ISFP's interesting grasp on Tertiary Introverted Intuition while keeping it light on the need for Extraverted Thinking so that it can be used without overloaded.

Battletech 2

ESFP - “The Performer”

Recommend Playthrough: Bad North

Bad North hits all of the ESFP's functions. The almost tactile involvement with each tiny map forcing the player to take opportunities with each level grants that Extraverted Sensing free reign. The defense of one's home is definitely a hallmark of ESFP's wish to preserve their interior value system and way of life. Taking command in real time is exactly what the Tertiary Extraverted Thinking is looking for while planning at the start of every battle helps to stretch ESFP's Inferior Introverted Intuition.

Bad North NBN Header

Let us know what you think of our recommendations and definitely tell us about your personality type and which games you just love to play!



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