Neverdark is a post-apocalyptic marriage of tactics and grand strategy coming from Slitherine this year

By Ian Boudreau 04 Mar 2019 0

Slitherine has announced Neverdark, a cyberpunk fusion of grand strategy, tactics, and 4X that’s currently in development at Polish studio Simteract. The game is set in real-world cities after a global blackout that eliminates the world’s electrical and communications grids, and casts players as leaders trying to retake urban centers from lawless factions who have moved in to control them.

You’ll have to stake out a headquarters in Tokyo, Paris, or New York, setting up a base of operations in one of each city’s iconic landmarks. You’ll be in charge of setting up infrastructure and militia facilities like weapons depots and medical stations, and then defending them from incursion by enemy factions. 

neverdark reveal stream map view

While Neverdark is still fairly early in development, Slitherine senior producer Adam Grace provided some details about moment-to-moment gameplay. Neverdark will feature several gameplay layers, including a pausable real-time strategy layer that has elements of familiar grand-strategy titles from Paradox, as well as 4X elements. For combat, the perspective shifts to an isometric, XCOM-style turn-based mode. However, these encounters won’t be limited to squad-versus-squad engagements - they’ll also include stealthier assassination missions and civilian escort duty.

There’s no gameplay shown, but here’s the teaser trailer:

Neverdark should be coming out sometime this year, and the Steam page is up now. The map view looks very cyberpunk (visually, it reminds me a lot of Frozen Synapse 2) and the use of real-world locations is certainly interesting. But we’re keen to see what the tactical view looks like in action. Slitherine says the game will be shown at GDC this month, and at the Berlin Games Festival in April if you’d like to see it live.



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