Kalypso's new studio begins work on the next Commandos

By Sean Martin 07 Apr 2020 1

Kalypso Media, of Tropico fame, has revealed that their new studio has begun development on the newest Commandos game. This will be the first new game since Commandos: Strike Force brought the series to the arena of FPS back in 2006, making this the first fresh installment in 14 years.

Though they acquired the rights to the series in 2018 and promised new games, Kalypso first released a remaster of Commandos 2, but now Claymore Game Studios (named after the first successful Commando mission ‘Operation Claymore’ in 1941) have begun development anew on the cult series.

For any who don't know, Commandos was an isometric tactics game. Set in WW2, you'd guide your band of plucky operatives to complete dangerous missions behind enemy lines. Characters had specific skills to aid in this; the Spy's abilities to disguise himself as an enemy, the Marine's ability to dive underwater, and the Driver's ability... to drive. The game series gained a cult following, not only for its smart strategy play, but also its pretty wonderful voice acting.

When asked about the new studio, Simon Hellwig, founder and CEO of the Kalypso Media Group, had this to say:

“I am very happy that the starting-phase of our new internal studio and the new Commandos is on time. We are on track to deliver the best possible Commandos game and will put in all effort to create a great game experience for PC and next-gen consoles, worthy of the franchise’s heritage.”

There is currently no estimate on when we might see the new game, but we can infer that it might line up with the release of next-gen's consoles. Either way, it's pretty exciting news. If you haven't played Commandos before, and fancy a look, you can find the classic, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines on Steam.



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