Northgard has set sail and left Early Access

By Joe Robinson 07 Mar 2018 0

We haven’t checked in with Viking strategy/management game Northgard since we first looked at it back in April. Now, just over a year since entering Early Access, the plucky RTS/TBS hybrid has now hit Version 1.0 and is available as a full release.

Josh was cautiously optimistic of the early version he played, stating:

For the most part, Shiro Games is onto something here. Northgard is nothing new by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a blend of two typically well-recieved strategy game designs that can happily co-exist within one another. For those who prefer to achieve victory through politics rather that mortal combat - you can do just that. While those who prefer a game that keeps flowing smoothly on all fronts, the real-time approach will keep them on their toes.

At the time, it had only been in Early Access for barely two months so there was a lot of room for improvement. Since April 2017 the game has seen a multiplayer mode added, more playable clans, a fully-fleshed out narrative campaign and a whole host of other changes we haven't been able to keep track of. 

You should check out the release notes to get a better picture as to how far this game as come. At the bottom there's mention of future plans which in the short term include a new clan, bug fixes and making sure the multiplayer is balanced and fun.

Fun Fact: When we originally published our preview, Shiro’s estimate for the full release was within 6 months of the February launch date. It now states “4 – 12 moths”, which allows for the fact that it’s just over a year since it launched onto Steam (and so, technically, is six months late).

We’ll get you our review of Northgard as quick as we can, but we’ll leave you with Josh’s closing words:

With plenty of time left on the Early Access clock, there's no doubt in my mind that Northgard will become something of a gem within the strategy community. Though a little rough around the edges right now, there's no solid reason why this particular genre blend should never have been conceived. Pick it up today for a fine taste of the future or let it ferment for a sweeter return. There's no right or wrong right now, and that's an exciting prospect.

Northgard is available for €27.99 / $29.99 / £23.79.



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