Northgard gets the Clan of the Snake DLC and a free unit

By Joe Robinson 19 Jul 2018 0

Shiro Games have just released their first premium DLC for viking-themed RTS Northgard, as well as a free content patch. The DLC adds a new clan, while the free patch includes a new unit as well as a whole host of other changes and balancing tweaks.

I’m a snake

The 'Clan of the Snake' play differently to the other, right down to the way they progress through a game. Signy, the leader of the clan, levels up her ability and appearance not through the accumulation of fame, but the passage of time. Her appearance and abilities change as she gets older.

  • Age 15: The Cunning (start of the game).
  • Age 16: Pride of the Clan. Signy is now more powerful, she gains 20% move speed and the ability to attack at range.
  • Age 18: Tears of the Earth. Again, Signy’s power is increased, she gains the ability to walk freely among Northgard’s wildlife and she can use her special ability: Scorched Earth.

Her ‘Scorched Earth’ ability can affect any tiles aside from Town Hall & Victory Tiles and gives +40 attack power to all Snake clan units and buildings, while giving -50% penalty to all production in the tile. There’s definitely some defensive applications if you choose the right tile (neutral, but at a key choke point perhaps) but this mainly seems to be an ability you use aggressively. The effect lasts for three months, and the ability can be trigged every three months.

Snake Clan

Like most other clans, the Snake clan also has unique technologies in their tech tree:

  • Black Market replaces Coinage:
    • Merchants produce +10% Krowns
    • Gain 75% more Krowns when trading with enemy clans, degrading diplomatic relations.
    • You can trade even when at war
    • Enemy clans get no resources from Black Market trading
  • Rapacious Exploitation is the ultimate Lore of the Wealth branch:
    • Bonus of special tiles (Geysers, Thor’s Wrath) is doubled
    • Ruins and Shipwreck in your territory grant +2 happiness
  • Under Pressure replaces Weaponsmith:
    • +20% attack power for Skirmishers
    • +2 happiness and +2 food for each enemy pressured by the Snake
    • An enemy clan is pressured if one of the Snake’s military units is on an tile adjacent to or inside his territory
  • Guerrilla replaces Military Strategy: Military units gain +2% attack power per enemy civilian killed (max 40%)
  • Stolen Lore is the ultimate Lore of the Resource branch: Steal a Lore from another clan’s tree.

The Sváfnir, Clan of the Snake DLC is available for £3.99 | $4.99.

Hit and Run

As part of the free patch, all clans also get access to a new building and a new unit. The Skirmisher’s Camp allows for the training of the Skirmisher. (Also, should Signy die, she can be resurrected via the Skirmisher Camp.)

The Skirmisher gets +20% move speed, as well as the ability to remain invisible to Northgard’s wildlife on neutral tiles. They are a melee unit, but they’re more vulnerable than other units in the game, so you need to be careful about how you use them.

As for the rest of the patch – most clans have had a balancing pass to allow for the smooth integration of the new clan, with the Wolf clan getting the most changes. All of the victory conditions have also been tweaked in one way or another.

We recommend checking out the full patch notes for all the specifics. Shiro state at the end that this will be the first of many updates, with the next patch potentially focusing on combat.

Are you still playing Northgard? How have you found the new clan? Let us know in the comments!



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