Offworld Trading Company and XCOM 2 Free-to-Play this weekend

By Joe Robinson 04 May 2018 1

Two great strategy games are having free-play weekends to celebrate the May bank holiday. First up is XCOM 2.

The sequel to the genre-defining turn-based tactics game will be free to play from now till 1PM Pacific Time on Sunday, May 6th. While it didn’t have the best of launches, the team at Firaxis have put a lot of work into improving and refinidn the game.

The game’s major expansion – War of the Chosen – made it onto our list of the best Turn-Based Strategy games.

You can also purchase the game at a 67% discount, which will end on Monday 10pm Pacific Time.


Meanwhile, Stardock have made their sci-fi economic RTS Offworld Trading Company free this weekend. The promotion started yesterday and will run till 1pm Eastern Time on Sunday, May 6th.

By sheer cosmic coincidence, Offworld Trading Company is featured in our list of the best modern RTS games.

In addition to the free-play session, the game can be bought at a 50% discount via Steam and via the Stardock Store. The Jupiter’s Forge expansion and the Gold Edition can be purchased at a 65%. These deals will run through to 1pm Eastern Time on Monday, May 7th.

Offworld Trading Company is an RTS that takes place on Mars, where the player in charge of a corporation looking to dominate the planet’s economic landscape. Buy and sell resources of all kinds and build up your monopoly to try and win out over your rivals. If you can’t out-produce the competition, you can always employ more under-handed methods. Multiplayer is available for up to 8 players, as well as a single-player campaign, skirmishes and daily challenges.



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