Offworld Trading Company will be going Free-to-Play, Sort Of

By Joe Robinson 22 Feb 2019 0

Now this is something you don’t see every day. Demos, or other free slices of premium games aren’t exactly a new thing, but they’re often predictable in their construction and it’s rare that it provides enough content that could substitute buying the full game. It’s rarer still that a demo takes the form of a game’s entire multiplayer community and infrastructure.

But that’s exactly what Stardock plans to do with one of our favourite RTS games, Offworld Trading Company. Come February 28th, anyone can download the free multiplayer client to play against others in online multiplayer matches, even if neither of you own the base game.

As far as we know there are no restrictions on the multiplayer mode in terms of frequency and options. Purchasing the full version of the campaign allows you access to the story campaign, the daily challenges and skirmish mode against the AI.

In addition, Stardock will also release a new DLC called Market Corrections, which features 3 new single-player narrative campaigns, and 12 new maps modelled after real-life locations on Mars. It will cost $3.99 and will release at the same time as the multiplayer client.

OTC is one of those games I’ve never picked up, but this might prove an excellent excuse to take it for a spin, even if I do have to play against another person to do so.



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