Paradox launches COVID 19 fundraiser on Steam

By Sean Martin 02 Apr 2020 0

In conjunction with a number of other companies, Paradox has launched a COVID 19 fundraiser on Steam, selling a variety of games at a reduced price. The profits from a number of the games will go directly to the World Health Organisation, or the United Nations Foundation, both organisations who focus on helping those worst affected by COVID 19 and the current pandemic. 

There are a variety of games up for sale, including Obsidian's fantastic pre-Microsoft RPGs, Pillar of Eternity and Tyranny. There are also a number of strategy games, whether Paradox's own, such as Hearts of Iron IV, or those published by Paradox, like Cities: Skyline, and the excellent colonisation management simulator, Surviving Mars. 

This comes at a time when companies across the games industry are doing their best to help with the COVID 19 pandemic. As they did to help during the fires in Australia, Humble have created a COVID 19 bundle of games and ebooks, with 100% of the profits going to organisations taking action against it. Among other companies, Rockstar are also doing a bit to help, donating 5% profit from purchases in their online games to help in the crisis.

A spokesperson for Paradox reflected that as a company that is not negatively impacted by the closure of physical locations or social distancing, it was "the right thing to do". They also urge other companies to participate if they can, by following the link here.

The games industry, along with the whole world, is feeling a huge deal of pressure right now, which has affected a variety of developers, and publications, as with the closure of Official Xbox Magazine. But it's good to see that companies less affected are trying to do something to help with the crisis the world is experiencing right now. If you'd like to support the fundraiser and grab yourself some great games, you can find it on Steam



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