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By Joe Robinson 14 Feb 2019 0

Paradox Interactive recently launched their own package on Humble Bundle, and it’s a pretty decent one to boot, although the third tier is a bit weaker than what you normally see. With just over five days left to go, there's still plenty of time to pick up some excellent strategy games on the cheap, and support a good cause! At the time of writing, over 48,000 bundles have been sold.

Tier 1 – 1$/£0.77

At this tier you get an eclectic, but decent, mix of games:

Darkes Hour: A Hearts of Iron game is widely considered the best fan-made spin-off project from the older Hearts of Iron games. You can read our sister website Wargamer’s review here.

Age of Wonders II was released all the way back in 2010 and is a precursor to Age of Wonders III and the upcoming AoW: Planetfall. It’s less ‘Civ’-like than the newer games, but it’s still held in high regard.

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Magicka 2 is the sequel to 2011’s cult-classic co-operative spell/action game. Despite being a much better technical experience than the first game, it’s got its own issues: the campaign is less interesting we found. Still, for this price you can hardly complain.

Last but certainly not least, you can pick up the base game of Crusader Kings 2. The game that put grand-strategy on the map is a curious mix of traditional empire management, and in-depth role-playing as you play as a specific character, leading their dynasty through the blood and politics of medieval Europe.

Tier 2 – Pay the Average (Currently $6.56/£5.05)

For the cost of a modestly cheap lunch, you can pick up some serious goodies in the next tier:

Age of Wonders III is the 2014 entry in the series. It’s pretty much a fantasy-Civ like, where you control a heroes and roam the world searching for quests and monsters to defeat, as well as engaging in the usual 4X empire building. It had some wonderfully strategic options on the campaign map, like placing down forts, and instead of abstract combat you could fight in a turn-based tactical engine a la Total War. If you’re excited about the upcoming Age of Wonders: Planetfall and haven’t checked this out yet, it’s as good time as any.

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Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods is I suspect one of the more popular DLC expansions for Crusader Kings 2. It’s certainly top of our own list, as it allows you to play as Viking warriors plundering the world for the benefit of your growing proto-kingdoms. We suggest you check out our DLC guide for info on this, plus any other expansions you want to pick up during the Lunar Sale.

Europa Universalis IV: When you’re ready to try something more hardcore (not that CK2 isn’t pretty complex these days), EU4 should be your next grand-strategy stop. It’s a more cut-and-dried empire management game, without any of the RPG trappings of CK2. Choose any nation from across the globe and take them from 1444 to the dawn of the 19th Century. There’s a wide variety of nations and play-styles to choose from, and an excellent wealth of DLC to check out. Speaking of DLC…

Tier 3 – 12$/£9.22

Not the strongest T3 offering we've ever seen, but there may be some bits that take your fancy:

  • EU4 El Dorado – going up to Tier three will already net you one DLC for EU4. El Dorado isn’t the most impactful, although the new Nation Designer it comes with is a lot of fun.
  • If you’re already interested in the idea of picking up AoW3, then you could always consider going for this tier for the Deluxe Edition DLC. Essentially you get a bonus large scenario to play in-game, as well as the official OST soundtrack.
  • Similar to AoW3, Magicka 2’s DE DLC is also on the table at Tier 3. You get two different robe sets, the soundtrack, and a digital interactive map.

Last but certainly not least, there’s Steel Division: Normandy ’44. This is one of the best WW2 RTS/Wargames around and is definitely worth consideration if you haven’t yet tried it. This year is probably going to be the last chance before Steel Division 2 comes out. Some things to consider:

  • If not already, there’s unlikely going to be much more free-and-paid content released for this game beyond what’s already out.
  • The online user-base was already small and will probably dwindle when the sequel comes out.
  • That said, it can still offer a lot of fun in solo and skirmish vs. the AI.
  • The real reason to consider getting this is that owners of SD1 will get free DLC in SD2 when it launches, which so far include eight divisions from the first game that are being imported for use in skirmish and multiplayer modes.

Apart from perhaps Steel Division, this tier is actually pretty weak, even with the EU4 DLC (which, unlike CK2’s Old Gods, isn’t necessarily the first one you should buy for EU4). Up to Tier 2 though is some excellent value for money, though, and either way you get to support charity at the same time.

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