These Two New Humble Sales Are Definitely Worth a Look

By Admin 17 Jul 2019 0

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any Humble-related stuff that might interest you, and what do you know, two have come-along all at once! Neither are ‘Bundles’ unfortunately – there hasn’t been a decent strategy-focused collection in a while, but as general sales events they’re not too shabby.

Paradox Humble Publisher Sale

The first one is the easiest to parse – Paradox are running a ‘Greatest Hits’ sale, so the focus is on their ‘current’ main line up, from BattleTech & Cities: Skylines to Stellaris (and DLCS) and Surviving Mars.

You won’t found everything there – there’s no Crusader Kings 2, for example, but there’s a lot of DLC there for popular games so if you were looking for a deal, this might be the place. A lot of the base games are going for over 50/60% cheaper than normal, so this is also a great opportunity to jump on board something if you haven’t already.

Very Positive Humble Sale

The creatively named ‘Very Positive’ Sale covers a wide range of games from a range of publishers, all with only one thing in common – they all are listed as ‘Very Positive’ in their Steam User Ratings (so no Imperator, then…). Not as many ‘pure’ strategy games here but there’s a fair few interesting things that warrant your attention:

  • Slay the Spire is half price.
  • Frostpunk is also half price.
  • This War of Mine is only a couple of dollars!
  • All the different versions of Mount & Blade are 60% off.

If you haven’t tried out Mount & Blade, you’re missing a trick – even though it’s an action/RPG first, it actually possess a really good simulation of medieval combat, plus as the leader of a mercenary warband, you have some quite flexible command & control functions over your AI troops, turning it into a POV real-time tactical strategy game, of sorts.

At this point we’re practically chomping at the bit for Mount & Blade 2, but if you’ve yet to try this series out then you owe it to yourself. Plus, there’s a great mod-scene around it too.

Let us know if you decide to pick anything up!

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