Paradox return to Humble with a weekend publisher sale – up to 75% off!

By Joe Robinson 08 Mar 2019 0

Paradox recently took to Humble last month to offer their own strategy bundle, which was actually pretty decent although not he best we’ve seen. Now they’ve returned for another excellent discount-run, this time on the Humble Store.

You have until Monday, March 11th at 10 a.m. Pacific time to take advantage of deals ranging from anywhere between 25% and 80%, and there’s some great finds to be had here if you’re paying attention.

For starters. Crusader Kings II’s most recent expansion, Holy Fury, is running at a 33% discount. This it he cheapest it’s ever been on Steam, although interestingly it was going for 50% off on the Humble store at the start of the year. Still, a good price if you’ve yet to jump. Most of Crusader Kings 2’s other DLC is also on sale, and you can check out our DLC guide if you’re wondering which packs to pick up.

The base game of Europa Universalis 4 is also going cheap, this time at 75% off. Not the cheapest it's ever been, but still a good price for an excellent grand-strategy experience. All of its DLC library apart from the most recent expansion is on sale, and again, we’ve got a guide to help you decide what to pick up.

BATTLTECH is an excellent turn-based tactical strategy game where you manage a mercenary company as you try and steer them through some high-stakes factional politics. You get to outfit and deploy a 4 unit ‘lance’ of mechs, and it’s a game that posses a lot of hidden depths. It’s currently 40% off, and we have a guide to the best mech builds you can check out if you want to learn more.

Sword of the Stars II is a ‘wildcard’ recommendation, but at 75% off is still a bit of a steal. It’s development went less than stellar and is still largely a hollow game. Still, with gorgeous visuals and an engaging tactical battle mode, if you’re interested in these kinds of games it might be worth checking out something that came so close to greatness. The original Sword of the Stars is a bit dated now, but a much better game in terms of design and can also be picked up on the cheap.

The full list of games discounted is quite long (a lot of it DLC and other add-on content packs) so don’t just take the above recommendations as ‘the best’. There might be other hidden gems that take your fancy. This also represents another good opportunity to check out some of Paradox’s back-catalogue.

As always, not matter what you decide to pick up, you get to support a good cause while you do it.

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