Paradox Interactive now make Board Games, apparently

By Joe Robinson 19 May 2018 0

Paradox Interactive, known for videogames from their stable grand-strategy heavyweights, indie darlings like Magicka and even big-budget titles like Pillars of Eternity and BattleTech.

As of this morning, you might also start knowing them for their range of strategy boardgames.

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Announced at this year's Paradox Convention, the Swedish publisher revealed that they've partnered with four separate studios to develop physical table-top games for four seperate IP's.

Eagle-Gryphon Games & war games veteran Glenn Drover are working on a Hearts of Iron table top wargame, while Eager Games is working on brining Europa Universalis back to the table (the very first EU was based on a French board game of the same name). There is also a Cities: Skylines game in the works. 

Finally, table-top RPG publisher Free League are working on a Crusader Kings 2 game, which we've tried and is really fun. That game has just launched on Kickstarter, if you want to check out more details about it. 

There's no news on a release window for three of the titles, but Free League are aiming to be able to ship to backers around Essen later this year.



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