BattleTech developer Harebrained Schemes bought by Paradox Interactive

By Joe Robinson 06 Jun 2018 0

Your favourite grand-strategy publisher, Paradox Interactive, has just bought another studio. Having partnered up with Harebrained Schemes to publish BATTLETECH, the duo has made the relationship official with a $7.5 million acquisition deal.

“Mitch and I started Harebrained to create the kind of story-rich tactical games we loved,” said Jordan Weisman, CEO of Harebrained Schemes, “and for the last seven years, our studio has been fuelled by our team’s passion and by the generous support of our fans. As the scale of our games has grown and the marketplace has gotten extremely noisy we felt that HBS needed to team up with a company that could provide us the financial stability and marketing expertise that would allow us focus on what we love doing – making great games and stories.”

Not only was BATTLETECH an excellent revival of a long-lost table-top game, it’s one of the best turn-based strategy experiences around right now. Harebrained Schemes did a great job in creating a game that’s relatively easy to pick up but stuffed with subtleties and nuances that demand mastery.

It’s been just over a year since Paradox’s last studio acquisition, Triumph Studios. Both sides of the table promise that little will change at HBS, and Paradox don’t even plan to send any staff out there from Sweden at the moment.

HBS also mentioned that a long with updates and “additional”  BATTLETECH content, they studio is working on developing a new title.



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