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By Joe Robinson 11 Dec 2019 0

Management games aren't strictly speaking Strategy games, but we love them all the same. Paradox Interactive have teamed up with Humble to produce a ‘Humble Management Bundle’ that’s offer a great deal on some of their iconic management games.

As always there are several tiers, each with their own core offering, and sometimes not every tier is absolutely necessary to get a good deal. Let’s break down this bundle to see what’s what…

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Tier 1 - Pay at least $1

In this tier you get Prison Architect plus the Aficionado expansion, Cities in Motion and Cities in Motion 2. If you really enjoy Cities: Skylines it’s worth checking out the older games as they are quite fascinating experiences in their own right.

cities in motion

While Cities in Motion 2 benefited from some additional common-sense design (and laid the foundations for Skylines), I personally think the original Cities in Motion was the more ground-breaking game. It was devoted wholly to developing and managing transportation networks, and you could go from the Victorian era right through to modern times, with cities that could be designed to mirror their real-life counterparts that then evolved overtime.

Cities 2 had this weird system where you could expand the city yourself as you wanted to, but I think in hindsight Cities 1 had it right - being forced to adapt to a city’s growth felt more authentic. As much as Cities: Skylines is a great game, I’d love to see the developers go back and make a definitive Cities in Motion title using everything they've learned since.

Tier 2 - Pay above the Average (Currently: $7.94)

Speaking of Cities: Skylines, the flagship city-builder is front-and-centre in this tier. You get the base game and three of the billion+ DLCs the game has now, as well as a couple DLCs each for Cities in Motion 1 & 2. The Cities in Motion DLCs simply add specific or themed cities for you to play around with.

If you already own Cities: Skylines this isn't a great tier, as the Cities in Motions DLC is always going cheap in the Steam sales.

Tier 3 - Pay at least $18

From the streets of the city to the vastness of space, the final tier is all about Surviving Mars. Aside from one additional Cities: Skylines DLC, this tier nets you the Deluxe Edition of the Surviving Mars base game, and then every DLC released to date.

surviving mars2

Surviving Mars is certainly an interesting twist on city management, but it’s a bit dry compared to Haemimont’s magnum opus, which is of course Tropico 4. You can see the similarities in design, and trying to tame and populate the Red Planet is quite fun, but it’s also a very ‘safe’ games in some-ways. Perhaps not as inspiring as the subject matter it’s based on.

That being said though, this is again another fantastic bundle, and a great price for some great games. If you already own or are otherwise not that bothered by Surviving Mars, you can safely skip Tier 3 as the Skylines DLC goes on sale quite often, so there will be other opportunities to pick it up. The same can be said about Cities: Skylines and Tier 2.

I would say the star of the show is definitely Tier 1 with Cities in Motion, so if you haven't check that out already now's a great time.

As always when you purchase from Humble, you also get the chance to support charity as well. Let us know if you end up picking up the Paradox Management Bundle!



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