Paradox is running their annual Midsummer Sale - Cheap strategy games for all!

By Joe Robinson 18 Jun 2020 0

You know it’s REALLY summer because two things happen in relatively quick succession. Firstly, Paradox Interactive basically shuts down for a few months because their summer holiday is a bit redoink and secondly, their midsummer sale begins.

The Paradox Midsummer Sale event is happening right now over on the official Paradox Store, and will be running until June 29th, 2020 (4pm CEST).

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A quick scan of the sales page mainly shows DLC and Expansions being given the spotlight - you can pick up a lot of additional content for their newer games at up to 50% off. The base game for last year’s Imperator: Rome is also going for 50% cheaper - with the 1.5 Meander update imminent, now might be a great time to finally pick that one up, as it’s gotten quite good now.

Now that BattleTech has likely had its final bit of DLC, it also might be time to look at that Season Pass. For a 50% discount, you can get all three of the expansions released for the game. This is great because BattleTech itself is enjoying a 75% discount.

It’s worth having a browse of the sale page to see what takes your fancy - Paradox typically lists things in a roughly date-based order, but it’s not 100% literal. You will see expansions and content for newer games first though, working back towards their older titles.

Don’t forget that buying through the Paradox Store nets you a free Steam code for the game, as well as Steam-less versions for most of their titles released after a certain date.

Let us know if you pick anything up!



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